Cricket: Third test preview & other things

Well, other things first. BCCI is now whipping boy of everybody. Any cricket writer or ex-cricketer associated with media come out only to spit venom about BCCI. There are many of ex-cricketers who were part of champion teams of their times now are champions who blame every wrong-doing in and around cricket on the BCCI. I mean is UDRS is panacea for all of cricket’s pathos? Dhoni latest dismissal in the on going test series off the Edward no ball was an embarrassment to all cricket watchers. Chanderpaul dismissal off Bhajji was the other extreme. I mean Indian cricket is doing well in present times; Indian cricketers are doing well on and off the field. The Indian team is the current World Champions in ODI cricket, they are the top few teams in crown of cricket, the Test matches, and they have won the inaugural T20 World Cup. Dhoni being centre of this success, figuratively and literally.

All this hoopla about UDRS/DRS seems to be headed in a wrong direction. I wonder if it is just to do with an Indian Cricket Board or success of India cricket or presence and support whether Indian team is playing in Jamaica, Durban, Adelaide, Wellington, Trent Bridge, or where ever. There is this huge Indian expats in cricket playing nations, so unlike previous years, where there was hardly any support for Indian while playing abroad, there is a good number if not equal crowds for venues abroad wherever Indian plays.

Those residing in shattered glass houses, cry of pain

Australia are on the descending curve, I mean three innings defeat in a five match test series that too at home against England, in during the previous Ashes says a lot. The Ashes in hindsight was a no contest, it was a shame to see Aussies whipping and crying in between matches, moan and finding excuses cursing everything. They did everything except to introspect and take hard calls; the present Aussie team beat previous English teams when it came to crying and complaining about everything rather than accept they were beaten fair and square. There is one thing for sure, Australia is one on the places, where Umpiring, is pretty poor, Indians have seen that repeatedly, Sydney Cricket ground being the latest incidence, certainly its not last by any chance.

A couple of things, other than the other things. West Indies are there is turmoil in the West Indies board and cricket played by West Indies is boring, it is amazing how turmoil with the Board, administration, management and selection committees affects cricket teams. Is it a good idea to rejig and reform the board and a settled Board and other assured stake holders would lead to a more commanding performance by the respective teams? The Colin Cowdrey lecture by Sangakkara calls for something similar when it comes to the Sri Lankan Board. I am not sure if Australian Cricket Board is functioning as well as it did when Aussies were by far the first team and distance with the other teams stood second.

BCCI is not holding DRS back, they have a few reservations. I think other boards are not at mercy of BCCI. They can decide pacts for including technology for improving the game. But then it is easier for an ex-international (sans nationality) to point at BCCI. But if I am not wrong, BCCI is more focused on issues, which is rank higher in their priority lists. If we don’t want to host Bangladesh or play five test in England and Australia then the other boards should mind their own business. BCCI generates majority of revenues, have a bigger fan base, and earn more revenues for the ICC than all other Test playing countries put together. The fan base is only growing. If pink was the colour of health then health of cricket is bright dark pink. It is easier to cry hoarse about BCCI rather than take a dig at their respective cricket boards. We know what happens when players turn against their own board, of all people the legendary Kapil; Dev faces wrath of Indian board.

The silly point is ... 

The other aspect is they all want to use technology, but everything comes at price, so does this DRS technology, so which means boards/administrations may have to share the costs. When it comes to costs, BCCI can take the calls. I hope that people are not crying hoarse because they simply want BCCI to be forced into the loop so that BCCI being the chief revenue engine bears the burden of DRS. If that happens, people may enjoy the advantages of technology while BCCI bears the costs. DRS or no DRS decisions in the cricketing field play even in most cases over the time.

Preview to third test.

Rain ensured there was no realistic chance to enforce a draw, good test teams must play out a day to ensure a match is drawn, and West Indies did play out the day riding behind the storm. Chanderpaul’s dismissal was as ordinary a decision as some other we have seen, Dhoni, Raina being the victim more than once. Laxman got among runs, Ishant bowled as well as he could, Samuels fought well, should be batting one down in the next test. Praveen Kumar was off the boil, Kohli looked to attacked but then Edwards peppered him up. Bhajji aka Harbi rode is luck, never threatened taking a wicket. Carlton Baugh did give him one. Bhajji is increasingly seems to tread like a stock which people get afraid of when the stocks starts climbing up. His wickets are more about batsman committing a mistake rather than he inducing a mistake. Its not the same thing, its poles apart. I was wondering is Gambhir and Yuvraj and Zaheer are free and available for selection why not play them in the third test, there is no practice like match practice.

India have everything to play for and West Indies would love to gate crash the series victory party. West Indies can force the issue with the ball, but its their batting which is too obvious at the moment, there are a couple of injury worries for Indian side. I wonder if all is well then Ishant, Munaf, Praveen and Mishra make up the best Indian bowling this Indian squad has to offer. Indians have a higher pedestal to step up to, rain may mar this test as well, but last time they won a series in West Indies they followed it up with a series win in England too. I hope the history repeats itself.

West Indies were a sorry 99/5 when this post was last updated.

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