About: Steve Jobs and Apple

Steve Jobs is the modern day Leonardo Da Vinci. He has influenced technology world like no one else, I know there have been many a stalwarts in tech-world, but Steve Jobs has made an indelible mark on many different verticals of tech-space. The tech-world as we see it, computers, laptops, mobile phones, computer accessories/peripherals, media players, animation movies, multi media hardware and software, e-Commerce, Internet - all have had imprints of Steve Jobs. He is a milestone in technology world. The pace of innovation in digital world was never to be the same after Steve Jobs advent on the scene.He has taken competitors head on and thoser are big guys, Microsoft, Sony among many others.

He is a genius. He like most geniuses seems to be an absolute freak. He has had his tough times in life. He with Steve Wozniak revolutionized the world of computer only to fall out in later years. He was the youngest tech wizard to find himself in limelight. He at times has pulled the rabbit out of the hat and at times made himself a bunny, all in one life, He is a bible of marketing. He is a marketing genius like no one else and probably Kotler may agree. There have been so many mails floating around about his not so good times. He is the face, the brain and the shear pull of cult called Apple. He has made Apple delight of every ones eyes. The products from Apple have just spin out of this world. The mania  at every launch of a new apple product is amazing

He has been a rebel and stood out at most times in the crowd of his peers. He is one of the few who have influenced the electronic hardware and software in equal measure and set standards for both. Steve jobs made a niche for his company, products of the company, it shares and for himself. He is the king of geeks today. The products that apple make push the technology further and they are almost a benchmark for their competitors.

It is very difficult to simple love him or just hate him. The awe of Steve Jobs arouses contrasting emotions from individuals. There are so many things we have been told. I read his biography iCon and this aura of Steve Jobs increased manifold. The biography shed different lights on his persona as a shrewd, cunning executive, a tech visionary. He is an abrasive and sharp professional as a boss he would often push people deep into the corner. He has come a long way. He was shunted out of the company, Apple which he had found with another Steve, Steve Wozniak and after a boardroom coup he had to leave Apple. He went to setup NExt  a venture into electronic hardware, and then came Pixar, he bought from George Lucas, then those animated movies, Toy Story, and rest as they say is history. 

Steve Jobs was the come back kid of the Silicon Valley. He is someone who really had it in him to have a bold vision and the boldness to pull it off for real. He has seen all the ups and downs in personal and professional life and kept coming back when he was down.

He came he saw his conquered or perhaps as the iConic Jobs may say something like this -  iCame, iSaw, iWon.

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