About: Straw & Camels back

Anna Hazaare is the straw that broke the camel’s back. The camel is the Sonia led MMS Government (if you  can still call it one) and the other straws are plethora of corruption charges that caught the glimpse of the morning sun from the headlines of the newspaper. There are more corruption frauds waiting to be exposed (conditions of TRP apply). I wonder no news channel or investigative journalist explore one of the more bizarre corruption scandal. It could be NREGA, Sonia G dream project, it could be Rs 77,000 Crores highway project, there are so many schemes that Gov seem to be running so hallow and decadent to the naked eye. The CWG mess couldn’t be a fiasco if there wasn’t any tacit approval of sitting Delhi CM for all the mess. After being indicted in Shunglu report and wrapped on the knuckles by the CAG, she enjoys to rule the state with the blessings of the top brass. As a famous sms is going around, government may think of passing the Anna’s version of Lokpal Bill if someone pays the bribe for it.

The UPA government is headed by Dr MMS who fathered the deregulation and helped India unwind the rigid and rugged Nehruvian jacket, which withered away all hope between 1950 and 1990. As a result, only 1% hundreds of million people who are earning are paying taxes. I think economic reforms bought us where we are, now we need to do more. The Congress had CPI with them to keep the boat floating so that they can isolate power. The congress really doesn’t want to get us out of the straight jacket; they continue to induce a mindset where status quo should not be changed. The alliance with Communists was the excuse for not doing any reforms earlier, now the alliance with other members is the excuse. It seems that Congress seemingly doesn’t want to deregulate and reform because they think their political prowess will dwindle. The incapability of this UPA government to reform and lead the poorest people and uplift them to have a secure life and robust future is hampering India on the path of growth. The governments inclination of not wanting to reform has been a major setback for this government. The reforms in the last decade or so have gone no where. The money for public spending has gone everywhere except fot the benefit of the public.

The Cabinet ministers seem to squabble about something irrelevant or how innocent someone like Raja is when the writing is on the wall. The Congress wants a few to be rich by making sure most of us a poor. They have polluted and undermine all possible institutions CAG, CVC, CBI, Judiciary, various other departments  (the list is pristine and prestigious). There are scandals coming out from India's most revered institutions the Armed forces. 

There is corruption everywhere then why is government trying to hide something instead of fighting the problem and cleaning the system and punishing the guilty. I mean they did everything to cover up; Sibal the esteemed minister came out and said there is no loss in Government reveneues in the 2G case. I wonder then why the previous Telecom Minister is in jail. Didn’t the Prime Minister know what Raja was cooking? If he knew, then the PM (hence Congress) top brass (I mean Sonia Gandhi, Ahmed Patel and others) are equally culpable. He should resign and give up his post. If on the other hand he didn’t know what was happening which means the Prime Minster was being led or kept in the dark then all the more reason for him to resign. Other cabinet ministers are equally corrupt in their practice and way beyond correction.

Its know value of money and the interest on principal rather than value and principles which formulates guidelines, policy making and Ponzi schemes that this government runs. The lazy unwillingness to address the issue and trying to misled the people repeatedly will hurt our society in the times to come. The means of livelihood and health are fast dwindling away.

This blog post is a patchy one as best. I think I would want to blog on this a little bit more.


Ginni said...

There is corruption everywhere then why is "BIG BOSSES" trying to hide something instead of fighting the problem and punishing the guilty...

Guilty is the one who raise/highlight's the problem not the one who has done something wrong ...thats what is happening and will gooooo oon.

Tarun said...

@ Ginni : I hope things changes for good,,although seems unlikely, best lets hope for the best.