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As the work week comes to close and weekend approaches closer, time to let the mind wander away. It is time to ponder about different things. It's unrestricted and letting go of thought process beyond those than that of the daily job, weekly planning and monthly salary. At times its just about stepping back or stepping away to see what is the work like beyond artificial office light, worries that seem larger than number of mails in the inbox pile up. Unclog.
Ganpatipule 1

Ganpatipule 2
I often think what would a picture of our thought process and mind may look like if we are able to defrag it. I will be really curious to see the comparison of before and after defrag. If you have, like me lived in a place/house/vicinity in your teen years and continued the same school, before finding yourself in college, wondering what you were doing in school. It those memories of the house you lived in , grounds you played, trees you climbed, of the lakes that you swam and school that you attend which becomes a template of comparison or a reference point of sorts or a touchstone against which you compare the rest of life and just see to see how and to what extent your life has changed perhaps for the better. As a city dweller, it is amazing to know that some people live most of there lives where horizon doesn't change much. It is impalpable for someone like me. The lost track to the beach offer something which was went to be free but now it is a super premium, open spaces, expanse of the horizon to beyond time, the free flowing breeze, the sounds of waves racing to the shore, the winds howling from the waves, to the shore to the trees and landscape around, the sea shells doting the landscape. The bliss of it all, pretty much priceless if your pinch yourself.
On way to to Ganpatipule 

Also much soothing is to find a childhood hideaway similar to one we had when we were growing up. I grew up besides a sea shore in a bustling island city of Mumbai. I love the sea and the feel of breeze on my face. I often willing let my mind wonder to that kind of imaginary scene where, waves approach the coast, the wind flows unbound and free, where there is a change of colours and scene every minute and yet has a familiar resemblance even if the scene changes every moment. The morning and evening hues or the sun, the deep blue reflection of the sky, the joy of waves running up and down the coast. The buzz of the shore as tides take turns to change.

Murud Janjeera

The sea by the moonlight is equally fascinating and enchanting, as the moon rises, the colours and contrast changes, they stars seem that bit more bright. The smell of the rising tidy and the dance of the stars enough to keep the attention of your gaze as hours pass by. You wouldnt even want to miss anything. The stars travel across the horizon from dusk to dawn.

Radha Nagar Beach - Havelock, Andamans

I at times wish If I could on a weekday, wind up everything before lunch, drive down to a sea shore and be there way before sun set. The ubiquitous camera-phone or a camera with enough MBs of free memory and charged battery.I hope to be there just in time see the world recede and the tide rise, the sun set and the clouds float by, the moon bring the cooler evening along with the stars as the waves change their outfits from, blue to orange to golden to gray and later reflecting the soothing moonlight and spiced up by shimmer from the stars. I dream about sleeping on the beach under the stars by a bon fire and at a safe distance away from the peaking waves so that hopefully wont wake up in neck deep water.

Sunset Murud to Alibaug

I also had a good fortune to be in some of the sea shores, besides the few in Mumbai. The evening at marine drive has always been a favourite place just to be there and let the evening come along. The other places have been Ganpatipule, Goa, Murud-Alibaug all of those taking me back and forth between the child hood hideaway and future of having a home not far away from a sea shore. The snaps are in random order taken from Murud- Kashid- Alibaug, Andamans, Ganpatipule.

Ross Island - Andamans

Shimmering afternoon Ganpatipule

Me peering towards no where

Dusk Ganpatipule

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