Cricket: Back to Square Won.

I don’t know which shoe company does Sourav Ganguly endorses but I surely don’t want to step into his shoes. I also dare say that very few people will line up to step into his shoe. The crown of captaincy of is not for light hearted.
Well done India? Could they have done better? May be yes. One thing amazes me that why the intensity does so often not there .Why do they tend to play a very unfamiliar, unpopular, unbranded form of the game. Do we as fans expect too much out of the team.
May be Media is cooking up stories for our own hungry bellies. The stories which we wish are never there and when its there we relish it to no ends? There may be a lot of criticisms but should we not question ourselves. Media I think has to take a fair share of the blame. One good innings by a player take him to the moon. The rocket obviously driven by expert men/women of the blood hounding media. If someone misses out, at some point of time one will, then he is made to bite the bullet.
I remember a football coach from a cricket club called East Bengal commenting on the should not’s of the Indian team. The ex-players and self proclaimed “experts” suddenly mushroomed on the TV screens and presented their “honest” opinion on the matter.
There were almost words put into the people mouth to get an “Exclusive” bite. The real experts, Sunil Gavaskar and Ravi Shastri kept saying that things happen and then they are dealt with. Alas! Media. It’s never good when the media starts presenting their stories.
Does freedom brings resposibilty? I hope we all learn something from this.
Now coming back to the “action” packed series in Zimbabwe. This Indian team won an overseas series after a gap of 19 years. A coincidence that England, also won the Ashes after the same number of years.
What does Ganguly take from the series? India won!! It had to win. Zimbabwe is on the bottom of all the 10 test playing nations. So a clean sweeps was the script even before the series got under way. Dada batted with lots of pains to compile a crawling century. If one sees his dismissal in first innings of the second test, one will express dismay. The captain’s form is so dismal that a wicket before him ensures the opposition one for one offer. The question remains why is there in the team? Yuvraj not doing justice ether to himself or his partner in covers Kaif.
When will magic return to Indian team? When does the Maestro show again why is he a teenage protégée’ turned an institution of positive attacking batsman ship. He is like a warship that just makes his presence felt in enemy waters with much awe and pure respect. He brings out every positive there is about the game.
The cricket team to do the hard work of just putting the media in the TV sets and newspaper and ensure that cricket is on the front pages for joyous reasons. The winter is long for Indians.

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