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Just another passing though…..
What do you do when on starts to prepare for competitive exams? THINK. Yes! Every one is compelled to churn ones own mind body and soul to think deeply.
Well think I can, understand I cannot. The concept of “understanding” is not well averse with me and till date remains an enigma, an unknown territory to which I don’t have any maps or insights. My concept of things is either you know or don’t know things.
So day before yesterday when I was doing nothing and staring at my dictionary some thing pedestrian just flashed in the top floor of my body. I put my mind/consciousness on it.I began to think. Try to follow these and add if you like.
This is what I got next…..
The dictionary is a book in which

Egg comes before the Hen.

Zero comes latter then One.

Failure comes before Success.

Thunder follows Rain.

Victory comes after Defeat.

Faith precedes God.

Peaces come before Religion.

Friend comes before Love.

Tomorrow follows Today.

Misery appears before Solace.

Hunger beckon before Thirst.

Destruction precedes Development.

War follows Peace.

Genius follows Foolishness.

Humor follows Happiness.

Light comes after Dark.

Habit comes before Hobby.

Rich follows poor.

Health comes before wealth.

Cricket comes before Football.

Death follows birth.

Neptune follows Uranus.

Rough precedes Smooth.

Disciple precedes Discipline.

Victory follows Valour.

Dream precedes Reality.

Wickedness follows viciousness.

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