Blog: Give me Red.

I believe in signs coz I think events of the future cast their shadows on the future. For the past few months now the colour red is drawing my attention. I firmly believe that men have a very restricted range of colours in which they can choose from. The western formal wear may consist of navy blue-grey-black coloured trousers, there are off course other colours but people tend to choose from above so as to look suave. There are some better choices in shirts starting with whites, blues, lightest shades of pinks and a whole lot. I like white shirts a lot and I have not met many who hate whites. Then there is off course black.
One of the few limited colours is Red, from my wardrobe. I am eagerly waiting to find a red colour shade of my choice I have already seen five to six shops and I could not get it even in a busy shopping season of Diwali. Either the size is not there or the colour. I have been running crazily for a red shirt for almost four months now. I know I will get it some day. Moreover when ever I sit and “channel surf” there is someone on some channel wearing a red shirt and I don’t know when shall I have that colour.
There is only one colour when it comes to Denims….. BLUE…..Other colours for men’s denims can be hanged!! When it comes to casuals trousers I prefer light brown and light colours which can be worn as a party wear as well as just going to have a cup of cold coffee. Shorts: if you are like me they just need to catch hold of your eye and you know this was a God send. What I did way back two summers ago was to cut my denims into half pants and then few days later to “One Fourths” as I would call them. In the summer heat of Nagpur they did help.
Coming to T-shirts, yes this is one type of clothing which can match the variety seen in women’s apparel. There is a huge variety of print, colour, collar, etc. I personally like printed T-shirts they seem to carry hilarious messages. The one I have reads “I graduated from the best college money could buy.”
I for some reason think that men have more colours to choose from when it comes to formal Indian ethnic wear namely the “Kurta”. I got a nice light coloured with nice embroidery around the buttons. One can choose from lengths as well.
I think it’s high time to get out of BLUES and check into REDS

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