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Dan Brown hailed and condemned equally all round the world. There was a press release from the Vatican, which did not exactly praise Dan Brown. He has been known for being as a fiction writer who many have termed as a sensationalist. There is a lot common between fiction and friction. It is easy to mistake one for another. His writing though purely a fiction has been a cause of lot of friction among the followers of Christianity. He has been drawing a lot of dissension for being a sensationalist. The people related to media say, “No publicity is bad publicity”. There are examples of it all round the world.
One might say this as Dan Brown decoded. What is on your mindwhen you pick up a Dan Brown? The gist will be very captivating and will demand the attention of your eyes at once. The plot is very mysterious and very nebulous in the sense there is more than one twist of the tale. It is kind of roller coaster ride which might make you to read a few pages again to make sure you read it well. I am listing down few of the points that I have noted while reading
The Da’Vinci Code, The Deception Point, Angels and Demons and The Angels of Fire.

Page One: A murder being committed at a peaceful, undoubted location. The victim leaves some sign for the eyewitness.

Page Two: A phone rings or a fax buzzes for a college professor (Robert Langdon) who just had just been out of sleep after a not such good night. The professor it seems has no connection with the murder or the clue that the victim left. A mysterious person contacts Mr Langdon.

In first one third of the novel, the professor meets the person who had contacted him. The plot thickens and there are lot of addition of characters ranging for soon to be distressed damsel, a real smart woman who any man would love to woo some weird geek scientist, lot of fundoo techno stuff, super computers, state of the art weapons, all those things that everyone might have seen it once on Beyond 2000 television show.

This section also introduces a secret organization of some kind, a brotherhood, a state of the art lab. A brief description of the killer may also noted here. There would be some sign pointing to masons and secret sects and society. There would be a detail description of a romantic city like Rome, Paris, London, etc.

The second one third of the novel there will be a lot of adventure glaciers, high mountains, wild forests, and rough seas. Speed boats, private planes, and fast cars. A lot of chaos and the characters beating around the bush stuff. It is sometimes too loud, and too long, you might for once feel like “Gosh what have I landed into?” It becomes bizarre when lot of people are going places chasing any one the character might have met in the novel. The lead characters then will enter some building hunting for clues, which they will get at climax only. Meanwhile there is a lot of introspection, nostalgia and flash back on which the male protagonist is fed. This includes some startling claims made by the protagonists. The bizarre murders continue to take place locations where the male and female lead are present, after some murders there is more description of a sociopath.

By now, the reader is fully gripped into reading the novel and may get some hint as to what the mystery might unfold to be. You would continue to read the novel in the endeavour to finish it. Then you realize that the person who has been the mastermind of whole plot suddenly comes out of shadows of the backdrop. Now the protagonist lead run helter-skelter in order to save their lives and now the damsel in distressed is saved by the knight in shining armour in trying circumstances. They manage to escape to see another sunrise. Lot of clues gather and the mastermind forced to reveal the plot so that the motives are understood. The whole adventure does not take more than twenty-four hours. The clues to whole mystery are solved by the male lead with help of some sort or memorabilia or anything of academic interest to an archaeologist.
Then the climax which my have fight sequence which sees the evil slain. A beautiful sunrise that follows an awful night of tough of ordeal.

To end it all, the damsel in distress is now in love with the knight in shining armour.

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