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It feels like Home Alone 2 lost in new york.I am home alone but not in New York. But not to thinbk about much except wtch of old movies wtch some breath taking cricket and think what will I do next.I got an exam coming up in couple of days.It is called SNAP.It is an entrnce exam for Symbiosis, a B-School.My college days are over and I am preparing to go to back school.I have chalked out some plans o go out to see Bluff Master.I think Abhishekh Bachchan is way to cool.I wonder though that is a full beard a lucky charm for him.I thinbk Amitabh Bachchan is supersitious about his French beard.I could not get first day first how because the theatre I am going to has first show of Bluff Master at quater to eight.I hope i get the tickets though.Cricket story..... Well done Pakistan.They managed to staem roll England.I hope English team realize that the game o cricket is a grat leveller.thats what makes the next Ashes very interesting.India did well to take a one of lea the ball is in Lamka's court now.Ganguly's fate some how is down in the dumps.Ganguly's exclusion was suprisse to one and all, but the "tamasha" people are doing in Kolkatta is uncalled for.I have already written that this exclusion should spur him to perform well in the next chance he gets.His performance sho00uld be such that he becomes an automatic selction.the South Africans meanwhile are resticting the Aussies to a not o good score.But i hope they don't let the Aussie bounce back.It's is a long tour for South Africans I hope they do well.

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mortein_bugger said...

Hi Tarun Da,

Coming to ur blog after some time.

Nice posts on Dan Brown and Ganguly.

I have updated the shayaris. I have created a new blog as well. You will find all that on my Shayari blog.

Hope to see you there soon.

Keep Biting,