Snap Shots

The test called SNAP was over at around 4 in the afternoon.I was alone but I had onething in my mind to sit at Marine drive i.e. downtown Mumbai.I love that place.The reasons are many.It is one place in Mumbai that continues to fascinate me.So I was there sitting pretty at Marine Drive Mumbai the place to be on Sundays.Since I was alone,I did what most peope do,eat "sing dana" or roasted ground nuts.The camera was also bought for the same purpose.So here are some of what I clicked if u like to see more you are invited to My Album


Sakshi said...

Hey Tarun..
Good pics.
I miss Mumbai. There used to be this Juice centre at the Marine drive/ Queens Necklace, opposite that big shopping complex. My cousins and I used to go there every sunday and talk about our dreams. That place has some great memories for me - we used to do character analysis of all the couples who used to neck there..ha good ole' days

mortein_bugger said...

Hi Tarunda,

The Bird snap is rocking. U have a talent of capturing the moments. U can develop this.

Great Snap.

Keep Biting,

Mohamed said...

Beautiful pictures!

Thanks for commenting on my blog.

The Light-House. said...

Hey Thanx people for writing in
@ Sakshi -> I too love the sea shore.I grew up on a site of the sea.I dream about it often
@ Mortein -> Mortein Da thanx a lot.I am flattered.I shall try sending some more photos
@ Mohamed -> Thank you very much :-) I wish i could paste a photo of my grin which at this moment is from ear to ear

Neha said...

These pics are just so beautiful!!they're awesome...saw other pics on ur blog too..man ur too good!!hv u learnt photography?

The Light-House. said...

Leant Photography.No :-(.I would love to