Blog: The Year 2005: Part-2: Personal Aspect.

This year, I at last saw completion of my graduation. I still have to see my final mark sheet, which certifies that I have been successful in my endeavour as an under-graduate engineer from Nagpur University. I am still struggling to find a job. I hope I do so in this year.
To be frank for some reason, unknown to me I am not attracted to Software Industry. My graduating background is one of a Mechanical Engineer is not the reason. My room partners and other friends have joined a software company and don’t have “apparent” qualification of a software/computer/I.T. engineer. But I have reasons to believe they are doing pretty well and I hope they continue to do it forever in their careers. Then some other (Abhijith, Harish, Vaibhav, Swapnaj) joined post graduation courses. They are being grilled at the moment. But that’s college life. You always enjoy it in retrospect.
I also hope the Indian software industry as well as the BPO industry does well too. The reason is simple we (Indian Software Company) are just satisfying an iota of demand. The demand is dozens of much more.
Now, coming back to year of 2005 (A.D.) The year has been a turn around year for host of reasons. All worth like falling in love all over again and perhaps again. The hostel life came to an end in first week June, with a tacit promise all of us to be in touch with each other whenever possible. I think we have done so at least for six months courtesy the internet and cellular technology.
The end of hostel life saw a huge hysteria over an inter-branch competition and people were blood hungry over couple of unexpected result. The thing is those miscreants were my own classmates. I thought pretty well winning the “dumb charade” competition. It was David beating Goliath. My teammates, Kunal and Abhijith who still are good friends were brilliant that night. I remember cracking one in seven seconds. I realised that day that impossible is always spelt as i-m-possible. I tried my hand at quizzing and stood a creditable second with my other room partner, Anirban’s team who by the way a very good quizzer is stood first.
Then there were days most of which were spent in siestas while bunking lectures. Then there were afternoon spent in college canteen fagging away stories or pulling someone legs or just following “someone” from the campus back to the canteen and then back to “campus”.
The evening that is after the college was over were mostly spent in canteen having huge roar of laughter. Then there was continuously flowing tea, coffee, “sutta” and cold drink with the buyer often managing a little of what he bought. The weekends were spent in hostel watching movies like, Top Gun, Gone in Sixty Seconds, Troy, Gladiator, D.D.L.J. Munnabhai M.B.B.S. Hum Tum and host of other movies off course the CD’s were pirated from a local “C.D.” shop.
Then there were “days” like formal day, black day, most of which went unnoticed because of lack of participation/coordination. A farewell is what we remember the most.
Our juniors threw us a very good treat with some great song and dance items. We enjoyed that very much.
Then there was a project report and project seminar. My group partners and me only know how hard we worked at it. We managed to compile the report. The report was given to printer and then was bought back, then all the necessary parties signed it and some minor correction suggested.
The summer that was omnipresent by now was getting hotter and hotter by the day. It is hard to believe that the average day time temperature between April and mid June was 43°C and night time was 42.9°C.
Then there were some preparatory leave followed by viva exams. Then contrary to what happened, marks suggest we did well. Then there were five papers in 8th semester. A paper called Computer Aided Design, which till date I find haunting. The paper was a stumper, the one that most people thought would bring upon the downfall, but Nagpur University took care of us all.
It was for the first time that we saw result away from hostel. The Nagpur University results always came in local daily newspaper. There was always a big build up to result.
The results were out and I cleared. I “cleared” the final result with a first class.
The life has been a little more organized after end of exams. It was June 15 the day my last exam that happened to be a back log of 7 semester paper called Refrigeration and Air Cooling or Conditioning I still cannot fathom. I managed to clear it and was able to stick my neck out of water and secure a first class.
Then there was a marriage that was attended. Indian marriages are always fun to attend. But I still want to see the movie “My Big Fat Greek Wedding”. Then there were classes for entrance exam for aspiring managers or future workaholics. There I met some people who still amaze me. They are truly brilliant and making this city Surat, a vibrant place to be. Surat by the way has a huge textile manufacturing industry. The roads here are amazing same cannot be said about the way people drive.
My parents gifted me a Cannon Powershot A-510 for my birthday. It is fun most of snaps on this blog are credited to this camera. There have been many social gatherings and many more phone calls that I have attend in last six months then are last four years of hostel life.
Merry Christmas to all those read this blog along with my close friends and each and everyone I ever met in my hostel life.
I think life is at cross roads and about to take a turn. Is it right or will it be left?


mortein_bugger said...

Hey Tarun Da,

Why don't you join a software comp. Till the time you get a job of your liking.

After three years i do feel that i am at a wrong place at a wrong time. I can relate to what you are saying.

Think about it. As time passes by it will be harder to find something without having anything to fall back on.

Keep Biting.

hari said...

just one question
did any revaluation result of nu come bfore the exams occured(either winter or summer)