Blog: The Year 2005: Part – 1: Tale of Sorrows.

The Year is nearly to the end. The new one being eagerly anticipated. It is as staying awake all night and waiting to see the sunrise and bring in a new herald. I thank Almighty for the year that jogged by and pray for the coming year. I was pretty much in the same position almost a year ago. The date was 26 December 2004. My seventh semester exams had ended. and I was in here at my home in Surat with my parents. The sleep played hide and seek with me. I was restless so with not much to do I decided to switch on the T.V. set on a news channel I saw breaking news flashing. I thought it would be some sort of accident happen in some part of the world.
I was wrong. The worst disaster had struck. Death was playing hide and seek with millions who were to go sleepless for many a nights in the days and nights that followed the aftermath which had struck in the Indian Ocean. There was a huge wave of disaster. It struck South East India, Sri Lanka and many others around the Strait of Malacca. The Tsunami had struck.
This one for etymologist; disaster is derived from dis + aster. Aster = Star dis = uneasy/bad. It is a common belief that disaster happen when constellation of stars hint so.
There is something common between earthquakes and wee hours of the mornings. I heard of so many earthquakes that happen around the early mornings and late nights when most mortals are in sleep perhaps dreaming of better life. There is little that one knows what is going to unfold. This year the earthquake in Northern Kashmir experienced an earthquake in wee hours of the day. Many lives were lost to this and many more due to lack of help and biting winter which sein on the region like an uninvited guest in a Christmas Party. The nature’s cruel joke.
Other disaster struck. The hurricanes in America are one of the examples. Katrina. Many other hurricanes then came and went but none left such a large trail of loss to human life and property. The blogger community helped people all over the world to be aware of what happened in Louisiana.
I think as an active blogger, I am proud to be a part of this community.
Then there was monsoon. It rained and rained like never before. Wherever the rain cloud went, they poured down floods. I was coming back after attending the marriage standing on the door of the train’s coach I saw nothing but water for miles on an end.
Then Mumbai standing still while it rain and rail and road network clogged. The island city for once was all at sea. The loss in rural Thane I think when unnoticed and was cleverly swept under the carpet. After the water had receded, even the Government officials began to acknowledge that Mumbai has BAD roads and the city has a destitute framework of infrastructure. I remember having a post on Mumbai then.
Then there floods everywhere and anywhere it rained. The latest in the list was Tamil Nadu. The rains continue there as I write this post.
There were terrorist attacks in London and all other condemnable acts of sinister cowardice.  I wonder why everything evil is proclaimed to be in the name of GOD.

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Neha said...

hmm,yes the year's been tough!started off on a disastrous note..
well i can only hope that the next yr wud b better!
thanku fr visitin!
see ya around :)