Cricket: India vs Sri Lanka

Cricket is up and so are my blogs.For some odd reason when cricket is my inspiration for posts. This one is no different. Well, England pride is under a big dark cloud with Pakistan playing some gruel some cricket. Well the throne of numero uno of test cricket remains distant as ever. There bowlers were grinded toothless. Inzi and company quite admirably tamed Flintoff and party. The critics say that Inzi’s performance over seas flatter to deceive. However, when it comes at playing at home Inzi draws a lot of command and can send any attacking packing. This is what Inzi and company did. It was supreme batting performances, which help England realize that they were far from even posing a threat to Aussies.
If one talks of predictability in cricket, we should sight example of West Indies. Their performances fail to attract anyone. Sad. Brian Lara tries so much by making thousands of runs but no one even manages to stick around him. It is surely not a talent thing.
Let me come back home. Well there are dark clouds lurching over the Test match starting tomorrow literarily. The cyclone may hit the cricket and be a spoilsport. It is for not the first time. I hope someone has also made a following observation; India and Sri-Lanka whenever they play rains assume an invitation and spoil the party. I can enlist three such instants when India and Sri-Lanka played and rain marred some excitement. I remember the series when rains came down in every test match on the last day. A test in Mumbai rained off with India firmly in control. Last time when India played a test in Sri Lanka, it was Ganguly’s first series at the helm of office. What should we be saying for now? I think it is too early to say. Ganguly has been a premier one-day batsman. He scored runs in one days with more panache than any one else. If I am not wrong he has scored ten thousands runs earlier than any other batsmen. I think Ganguly would be gearing to get into scoring mode soon.
Ganguly to Tendulkar, I read on http://www.indiatimes.com that Tendulkar should focus more on Test. Rubbish I believe. My advice to the person who wrote the article would be “Leave Tendulkar alone”. I think whenever he comes to the crease; we may what type of mood he is in within twenty minutes of his batting. If there is decisiveness in footwork, he will make it count. He has a good record of accomplishment against Lanka. I saw on some “news” channels India should be fielding in three spinners. No use. I think we should do well with two. Tendulkar and Sehwag pose a few problems with some good spin. I must admit I am a big fan of Tendulkar’s leg spin bowling. Anyone reading, remembers Moin Khan's dismissal in second test in Pakistan? I hope Dravid just maintains his consistency for if he is consistent he will make runs. I purposely put David’s and Tendulkar name in one bracket because they are two players who have been very consistent home and away.
Every one would have heard of One Man Army. However, I felt Sri Lank as two men army. Jayasuriya would score and Murali would take wickets. No offence to Vaas, he is an underrated bowler but that is how the game of cricket is played. Both by the way are quality players. Let us see how players like Sangakkara and Jayawardene stand up to threats posed by Kumble and Harbhajan.
I hope we have a full fifteen session of test cricket.


Caleb said...

Hey.. are you talking about the TOI article comparing Sachin with Lara?? that was crap!! the standards of TOI have fallen especially their 'quickies'

dont you think Sachin should contribute more as a bowler?? He troubled all Pakistani batsmen with his leg spin.

Caleb said...

one more thing in common!! Kane & Abel is one of my favs too.. Actually like most Archer works..

do you feel sachin should contribute more with the ball?? the way he troubled all Pak batsmen when they came here.. i feel he can be quite useful..

The Light-House. said...

Hey yes i do believe in that i will try to send u a link to one of my past blogs please do check it out.