About: Déjà vu’: Coincidence or a Sign?

I wonder why is it that sometimes senses take a back seat and pretext take over and we some how know what is about to happen. It is always said, heared, experienced but remains explained. We have seen it in movies e.g. Matrix. It has been part of myth, folklore, books and novels. I am sure that everyone has this type of feeling at some point of time and will continue to experience it. I too had similar experiencs of this off late.
I think you arrive at an unknown situation and you just know what is going to click. It is some times I just now what song will play next on my Winamp or Jet Audio play list even if I put the play list on a random order. It happened when I wanted to watch Notting Hill. I sat in front of the TV and cable operator just out of nowhere turned onto Notting Hill. It again happened one day while I was away surfing to local cybercafé. It might not making sense but it did make me feel weird. I felt stumped. I cannot explain. There is no pattern to this but the point is it happens too many times and leaves me flabbergasted.
Is this a sign? On the other hand, is it just manifestation of the unexplained?
I know I cannot do much for now. Everybody wants to know the future. “Be sure what you want ‘coz you might just get it” this I believe has more than a positive connotation. Mind over matter I believe. However, I also believe “If you think you can; you must” I say so because the journey is also more beautiful then the destination itself. Cricket buffs (including me) always say it is never until it is all over. I know things happen when least expected. The darkest hour is one before the sunrise. Nevertheless, a déjà vu is a surprise, whether it is a pleasant one remains a big ?
The future will not be as much fun if we already know it. I think the movie “Paycheck” starring Ben Stiller and Uma Thurman provides a look on the same topic. Uma Thurman looked ravishing in the whole movie. The movie does keep you on the edge until the end. You may want to check it out. However, I always felt that somewhere we have it in ourselves to steer our destiny, fate future if me manage to give it everything we got. The world is for the people who are determined to change it.
“Things always happen the way you want to make them happen.”
Faith moves mountains they say. That is the whole point.


Sakshi said...

Actually, it is just our synopses missfiring or rather not connecting all the dots. We store our memories in blocks and to recall it rightly we have to recover the whole block or fill in the spaces, so to speak. Sometimes our hypothalamus just connects the dots wrong and we get the feeling that we have done this before or been to the place before. I think I talked about this in my Memory blog, if not I will write on this over the weekend.
Deja vu sounds so much more intringuing than saying it is just a brain fart.

yours susceptibly said...

or, ok so your sensory information is traveling to your memory storage when it gets rerouted so you don't receive it right away. the slight delay caused you to remember and experience the same thing simultaneously. (just a theory, there's no answer)

and hey! thanks for checking out my blog. stop by again, k?