About: The end of a dream run?

It was a dream run for Martina Hingis who came back out of retirement to compete in Australian Open. There was no surprise when she steam rolled some of the players in the women’s draw. The fixture against Kim Clijsters was a tough one. But one needs to beat tough players at some point to win a Grand Slam. The million-watt smile was a pleasant surprise to grunting gruels of women’s tennis. She may be out of the open but this will definitely help in gauging herself with others. She will, by now know what she has to do to come on top again. The world of tennis has many sparkling comebacks but if Martina makes it to top again then it will be the most remembered one.
The match between Hingis and Clijsters started in the morning hours. We all know how exciting the match against India vs. Pakistan was going to be. Kim Clijsters was up for Martina Hingis. She just pulled rug from Martina’s feet and took early lead in a crucial match. The score read 4-0 in the first set. I knew it would be a tough match for both. It is always fun to see players with big serve against players with strong return. Martina was always catching upon Clijsters who won the first set 6-2.
The second set also saw Clijsters pushing the envelope taking an early lead. Hingis then showed her class and won six games in a row to take the second set. There were brilliant passes, winners and aces. Clijsters looked at sea when Hingis managed to sneak into the match by winning the second set.
Kim Clijsters wasn’t about to let go of this opportunity. The deciding set was all power show of Ms. Clijsters. She belted the tennis court all over Hingis’s court. She opened Hingis’s court with sharp passes and pinpoint volleys. Hingis was made to run all over the court. Hingis bowed down before the match ended. I think she played well to come out of retirement. The French Open will be an interesting one for Hingis as French Open is not all about power.
Clijster powered her way to the finals. As Lindsay Davenport bowed out of the tournament, earlier Kim Clijsters is the current number one.
It was a dream to see Martina Hingis back but the dream has ended might be she will go on to win a Grand Slam some other day.


Sudeep said...

She lost!!

Oh gosh!!

Invincible said...

I m so eager to see her win again.

sebia said...

as i am not a sports freak,though i love to indulge in 2 water sports or horse related ones..like polo and showjumping..so i will b as lost commenting abt her as if u ask TARZAN to judge MISS india PAGEANT:(
so let me mark my stamp on ur blog and evaporate..
hi and bye

The Light-House. said...

@ Sebia:Hi and bye as well :))