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Everything I do, I do for you….” says Bryan Adams shouting at the top of his voice blaring out of the computer’s speaker that can be distinctively heard by me and perhaps me alone. God I just love him. He will be there in India performing in Mumbai early next month. I would just love to be there seeing him sing and play the numbers which have bought me so much solace in bad lonely days when everything seemed stacked against me. I had a walkman and the only audio cassette which would make me realize that the only way out is walking through hardship was determination and hard work. Hard work is the shortcut to success. Nothing else matters.
The CAT 2005 is now history. I managed to secure a moderate 87 percentile. I am indifferent towards the score I managed. The reasons for my indifference are quiet contrary. I know, I could have done better. Could I have worked harder for a better score? I realised so as soon as I walked out of examination hall and realized I had screwed up with at least SIX marks. It may not sound much. However, that is now history.
The days after CAT were like sitting in a compartment of a train staring into oblivion and bewilderment. The journey is long and tedious.
Then came XAT which I felt derailed the whole train. I have not heard many saying that I did well in XAT. I have a similar type of experiences before, when I was doing my engineering. If the paper was tough and everybody screwed then I had a feeling that I will manage to scrape through without having to face dire consequences. I managed to do so barring once in third and once in seventh semester.
That’s was history. There are few things coming up along with my favourite singer who as I have written before will playing in Mumbai. Then there one more exam called CET for colleges like Jamuna Lal Bajaj, S.P. Jain along with host of other B-Schools in Maharashtra. Then there is the ongoing test series between the batsmen of Pakistan and batsmen on India.
There was too much interruption on the weather front ending the match in a bore draw. When teams like India and Pakistan play and match each other man for man in terms of quality, talent and form. If one team then happens to score runs in excess of 550, the opposite team is not great deal of pressure. The reason is that they know the pitch is a life less one. I think Indians led by Dravid may also thinking on the same lines. I feel sorry for Tendulkar, he had no match practice and had to come to face Shoaib Akhtar running in and hurling balls in the speed on 95 miles per hour not easy.
Then Dravid, Laxman, Dhoni and Pathan played well. India was in a big hole but now Pakistan is in a bit of Dhoni’s hammer. He and Pathan just turned the tables on Pakistan before they thought they would take away the cake.
If Dhoni and Pathan are, still there when the scoreboard reads 500 then Pakistan will be hunting leather. I hope Indian play beyond lunch and surrender half an hour before tea. The onus is with Dhoni and Pathan. India has to inch in as close to Pakistani score as possible to make sure that when the match is drawn there is more bonus points for India.
The Australian Open is slowly turning out to be a Cliffhanger with some interesting matches coming up later in the week. There is Roger Federer claiming his rightful number one tag along with Martina Hingis moving up amongst the women’s ranking. The Russian challenge still hold good with doll nightie clad Sharapova. I think I will buy myself some Swiss chocolates of Hingis and Federer together win the Australian Open.

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