Cricket: Advantage Pakistan.

It is always a Grand Slam of opportunities for players whenever Pakistan plays India. There has been a great discovery of player of the era whenever both teams have clashed. Sachin Tendulkar and Shoaib Akhtar are a few examples. The Pakistan bowling department is particularly interesting as it always has been. As I said, the pitch tells a complete story only after each team has batted once. This is a bowling wicket. India’s bowling department lack the sharpness required to scythe twenty wickets essential to win a Test.
Indian plan for tomorrow will be some how take eight more Pakistani for say 100 runs so that Indian target is below three hundred. It is easier said then done and seems highly unlikely. But you never know cricket is a funny game. They should look to bat sometimes after tea. That means that they will have more then six sessions to bat so there is a surety of a Test result.
Indian batting has to some of age. They should prove their worth although not many Indian have great numbers behind them when batting last in a test to win or save a Test. So let’s hope pray and wish some miracle to happen. The batsmen should play percentage cricket.
As for the Pakistanis: They should look to consolidate and then blast the Indian attack by betting on Shahid Afridi. They should look to play as long as possible as time is not an issue in this test match any longer I think five sessions are good to bowl out team like India. The reason is India has too many stroke maker and very few players who play for time.
It is lunchtime in Karachi with Pakistani scoreboard looking in pink of health as score is over 270 with most destructive of batsmen yet to come. The Pakistanis are in firm control of this test match. They are in the driver’s seat and looks as if they will drive it into their Parking slot. India has backs to the wall and it is an uphill task provided weather remains as it is at present. The shadow of defeat looms large over India at a sunny National Stadium, Karachi.


emotions said...

Hey Tarun,
nothing much to say except that u really r CRAZY for CRICKET.....
nyways thanx for dropping by my blog....

all d bst !!

sebia said...

sheesh,ur passion fr sports is infectious:)
well i hate test crickets..they r soooo boring..but i do enjoi the 1 days they r soo thrilling..and exciting..but i still have no know how of the intricacies of this or any sport:((
so write smthing with which i can relate 2:)

Sudeep said...

n we lost too :(

RandomThoughts said...

We lost & how badly!!!
Seemes like Pakis read ur blog & not the Indians.


The Light-House. said...

@ Emotions:Yeah Mad about sports especially about Cricket.It is good fun.
@ Sebia: Yes ODI are great fun.Don't be suprised if Indian pull of this ODi series against Pakistan.
@ Sudeep:It was a horrow to win the toss.No variety in bowling department untested middle order led to the crumble
@ Rashmi:It was meant for all.When India were 169-7 then itself writting was on the wall.