Blog: What happened on this Sunday morning?

“He has done it. It is a hat trick. Pakistan 3 wickets down for none” I believed I heard voices the Sunday morning was not quiet there although the Saturday night was very much a bygone era. I slowly realised I was really hearing voices but that was Dad exclaiming Irfan Pathan hat trick. After all the battering, the bowlers got from Indian media and Pakistani batsmen. I saw Mohamed Younis cleaned up by Irfan Pathan and Ramiz Raja beating Indian drums. He was obviously feeling the shock of three Pakistani batsmen back in the pavilion with a full moon on their score-sheets.
There were three more wickets, which fell. None was as delightful as one of Shahid Afridi whose stumps were sent cartwheeling by Zaheer Khan . It was the only wicket I saw “Live” others were in action replay. Then there was a same old story of a Pakistani fight back. Kamran Akmal is a very solid player. I reckon a score of 200 to 225 or more for Pakistan.
One doesn’t know how the pitch is until both teams have played at least an inning on the pitch. So let’s see. But I will back Virender Sehwag. The greener the pitch more likely is Sehwag to get runs on it. I think I am getting too soon into Indian batting. It is never over until it is over and the match has just started.
The other sporting story was Leander-Damm losing ( the doubles and Bhupathi and Hingis winning the mixed doubles(. Bhupathi know has won all the mixed double tournaments there are on offer. He uses his height and reach brilliantly. Meanwhile the shots that Martina played were artistic. She has an amazing measure of the court. Her lobs and volleys and passes were delight to match. The service I thought came under a bit of pressure but she held on and Bhupathi and Hingis won in straight sets. She has now 15 Grand Slam titles comprising of three Australian single titles 4 Australian double titles and one mixed double. Her dream of winning the Australian single title was over but to no surprises, she won the Australian mixed double titles.
Bhupathi know has won all the Grand Slam mixed double titles on offer. Beat that. There is an interesting match under way between Marcos Baghdatis and Roger Federer. Will Fed-Ex deliver?    


Lalit Singh said...

hey Tarun thx for dropping by

And I believed Fed ex would deliver and he did.

The Light-House. said...

Yes Fed-Ex is amazing.He plays such a complete game.Great I would say.

Tarun said...

What I mean was you did not update your another blog 'To B(log) or not to B(log)' since long time.

Invincible said...

and we are reeling now :( :(