Cricket: Otherwise, forgettable tests match.

Pakistan: 679/7 declared Younis Khan 199
India: 410/1 Virender Sehwag 254
When a team scores such heavily in the first innings of the test match there are a few eye –brows raised. There were nearly eleven hundred runs scored without an innings even being completed. This pitch should be a prime example of what a Test pitch shouldn’t be. There was a lot of lot of things were said, when Pakistani flayed the Indian attack all over the Gaddaffi Stadium. What happens, is when a team against a decent attacks piles up such a big score the team which is supposed to bat next is hardly worried because the Indian batsmen who were chasing leather for first two days might have measured the wicket and back themselves to pile the equal amount of agony for a very good Pakistani attack.
Virender Sehwag was centre of all attraction for obviously the score he made equally commendable is was the time spend by the Indian captain in middle. He shut all doors and made sure Sehwag attacked the Pakistani bowlers all the way.
The Pakistani captain on the other hand would be thanking heavens for not letting the Sun out and saving Pakistan a lot of blushes. If the weather had interfered, India would have nullified the deficit.
Sehwag does love the Pakistani attack and seem to enjoy playing in Pakistan. He will always keep the viewer on the edge of the seat because of his mercurial, unnerving and uncertain brand of batting try checking out what happened a couple of deliveries before he was out. I think it is only Sehwag, who knows what he is doing and what exactly is going to happened when he decides to offer a shot to a delivery. This Pakistani tour meant to test a few Indian players Sehwag certainly is one of them with Ganguly axed captain, Tendulkar not yet cent percent and few others who have slipped into zone of inconsistency.
I think now the case of from-the-bizarre-to-the-ridicule is staring in the face. Is there going to be an over correction in playing conditions that will be offered. I hope the next Test pitch should not be where a test batsman finds it hard to even connect with the ball. I remember last Tour such similar thing happened. I for one remember the last tour for the wicket of Moin Khan taken by Sachin Tendulkar. It was an enthralling piece of leg spin bowling. I dare say any leg spinner would be proud of that delivery. Moin Khan, who previously had been a thorn in Indian flash, was all squared up and bowled though his legs for not too big a score. I don’t mind seeing that dismissal again.
There is hardly any media hype for this tour. The stands are empty. The news about the tour a bore. There is no fever this time round. Let’s hope and pray from some better pitches and close cricket.


drsundeep said...

You bet ther's no hype this time round! But what irks me is that both print as well as electronic media have invited comments regarding our team's chances against Pakistan, mostly from Pakistani cricketers. Every Anwar, Ahmed and Ali has been quizzed about our team (Gavaskar's quote). What about our Ex cricketers man? Why can't they ask a Kapil, Prabhakar, Srinath, Shrikanth, Vengsarkar, Vishvanath who have loads of experience playing against Pakistan and are better equipped to comment on Our team's chances! Seems like our media can never get over its "overseas" hangover!!!

The Light-House. said...

Hey Doctor,I think i agree woth u.Media these days goes beserk over anything stupid.No news is bad news for the media.