About: Tooth brush.

When does one changes his/her toothpaste? The answer although glaringly evident, when the tube get over and there is nothing more to squeeze. Then only you go in for the next tube of paste. The refill of a ballpoint pen is changed after there is no more ink that can be scribbled on the rag. One may polish/wash the shoe depending on the face value of the shoe. However, how does one know when to change the toothbrush?
I was coming from Nagpur (where I studied) to Surat (where I live). This morning when I was two hours away from Surat station, I happen to take out my toothbrush from my handbag and some thing struck me. When does one know when to change the toothbrush? I have been changing my toothbrush all my life but that has been at random at the very best.
I think hair and teeth are definite signposts of a person’s health. There is a definite positive value of having a healthy covering of hair around the skull. I know people do spend a fortune on having the right set of teeth and right amount of hair around the head.
The profit margin in dentistry is one of the highest. It is a specialist job. I read this about teeth somewhere
“Some pains are physical, some are mental; but one which is both is purely dental.”
The teeth may be rugged and tough but they need to be taken good care. They form a vital part of human wealth and as everyone knows “Health is wealth”.


Sameera said...

use "ORAL B" when the blue lines on it fade u know its time to change your toothbrush :)

The Light-House. said...

I tried using "Oral Blue", the whole brush turned white in a mtter of 23 days.

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

lol @ sameera's comment ... or@l b ppl just makin money!! ;p

i nvr thot about it actually ... i think when the hair on da brush are no longer straight