Cricket: S.A. vs Aus, Third Test

South Africa
First Innings:230/3
Kallis: 80*

There was rains in Sydney but thankfully the match started soon.When i switched on the telly the score read as 87/3.Gibbs was out to a delivery which any bowler would be proud off.The ball pitched just outside off-stump and hit the top of off-stump."the Bowler should not give the batsman the liberty of leaving deliveries.The best ball is one which hits the top of off-stump".That delivery did just that.The bowler was Glen McGrath.
He is one predictable bowler tough to keep at bay.He has knack of picking up wickets without giving any runs.He has a knack of getting top batsman out for nothing.The suprise thing for me was Warne just balling 7 overs out of 74.That may be due to the first day green color of the pitch.Greame Smith needs to score some runs and make them soon.
There is a reutn series where South Africa host the Aussies.He would want to do well.Ponting meanwhile put on foot wrong.He is playing his 100 Test.His recodr is unpeccable.But he is still to score some runs in India.
Long and winding road to the Test.I hope South Africa can put some good score and then take it from there.The evens seem to be shared on the first day

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