About: New Year's Start.

Me ready to party.

Should new year’s made on the eve of the New year only? Or are we allowed to ponder over grasp the situation and then decide? Say a couple of days. I am planning to come up with one as soon as possible. I think resolutions should be given enough thought apart from the fact we must not vow under foreign (read alcoholic) influence. No, I did not had any thing to drink except one big glass of cold coffee. This glass of cold coffee has been part of daily diet when for last six months.
The love for cold coffee grew out from the hatred of milk.I Just hate the taste left in my mouth after a glass of milk.But if u just add one teaspoon of coffee and sugar to my taste whip it in a mixer what comes of it tends to make my day.
The start to this year was a sedated and in an indifferent way. That’s how life been for last six months. There was an overdose of Kajra Re from Bunty Aur Babli. A few people were a little bubblier then normal. In hostel colloquial, they were “happy”. Anyone could smell the reason of happiness.
The clock struck 12 there were some fireworks, quite artistic I must admit.Then were only eager hands that I could see, as everybody wanted to wish everyone a very happy new year. Then everybody start to search for their mobiles. I tried to call couple of my friends and still trying to call them can’t get through them.I happened to have a good fortune to call up a few dear friends and my big brother and managed to wish them a very happy new year. The friends whom I called were busy partying, obviously. There were little exchange of words and many more exchanges of emotions. I look forward to meeting a few dear old friends in this New Year.
I wouldn’t make only one resolution I will try to make a few and try to do them as honestly as possible.

• I will also try to not only know the path but actually walk on it.
• One of them would be to mail as many friends as possible everyday.
• Try to stay in touch with as many people as possible.
• Update my blogs regularly.I am slowly getting addicted to blogging and I would like to come up with some better posts with more insights.
• Strike a balance between post on Cricket and other Posts.
• Try to find some physical exercise of interest and do it ardently.
• Read More and More.
• Learn to be patient and persevering.
• I have put on some 15 kilos of weight in last Six months. A few kilos off won’t matter all that much. A jog may be.
• Take more snaps.
This year a got a digital camera in my hands and my love of photography moved on from a roll-cam to a digi-cam. The snaps from roll-comp of coll a reminders of memory of the life time. I can proudly say that I have snaps of almost all the people of my batch.The digi-cam takes some amazing snaps. My father says the colour of the snap is better than the subject itself.
Let is see how the year unfolds and how the nature of post changes this year.


Sudeep said...

Cold coffee.. mmmmm.. i just luv it

i dont know frm where u r, but if u come to pune drop by in Durga.. best cold coffee here.. better than CCD n Barista :)

thnx for coming by my blog.. c ya around

The Light-House. said...

Sure Suddep I will do that.

Invincible said...

I too am a hater for raw milk. Gives me convulsive feeling. So i add a spoon or two of Horlicks/Bournvita to nullify the odor/raw taste n then savouring the chocolatee taste sip on the milk.

No resolutions from me for the new year ! You r right, it shud be given time, i just give it one full year :D :D

The Light-House. said...

*rolls of laughing* U mean a five year plan?

Caleb said...

a very very happy new year to you :)

milk!!! yeah i too hate raw milk!! my parents being from south, i've been having coffee for years!! but its a bit addictive!! And i prefer it hot!! especially in this cold weather!!

and iam anti-alcohol i do enjoy wine once in a while!! unfortunately its not available in our 'dry state'

Neha said...

oh i hate white milk..i mean raw milk!!it smells bad.. i dont noe how ppl can drink it!i'v been having coffee in my milk for as far as i remember :)

hey i just saw this other blog of urs.. i liked the title... :)