About: Being Tagged, Part B.

This is the Part B of getting tagged by RPM.

Seven things I plan to do before I die.
* Establish a company of my own.
* See the seven wonders.
* Work hard to climb to a position which I can call my own.
* Earn a name for myself.
* Enjoy an evening of drinks with Bryan Adams.
* Write a book.
* Develop something path breaking.

Seven Things I can do.
* Read.
* Sleep all day.
* Watch Cricket.
* Go sight seeing.
* Arrange any sort of function.
* Talk, talk, talk and some more talk between that talk.
* Make a bubble inside a bubble blown from a chewing gum, I can do that all day.

Seven Things I can’t do.
* Cook any kind of food.
* Drive a two vehicle.
* Play video/computer games.
* Live in harmony with mosquitoes.
* Get up early in the morning.
* Go to sleep early in the night.
* Dream of Living Alone.

Seven Things that attract me to the opposite sex.
* Eyes.
* Smile.
* Charm.
* Voice.
* Punctuality.
* Dressing Sense.
* Quick take filled with humor.

Seven Things I say most.
* Who the hell cares?
* Hello?
* Yaar.
* Screw it.
* Arrey.
* Who me?
* I am fine.

Seven Celebrity Crushes.
* Catherine Zeta Jones.
* Sushmita Sen.
* Meg Ryan.
* Julia Roberts.
* Shania Twain.
* Kylie Minouge.
* Ritu Beri.


Dewaker Basnet said...

btw tarun have u seen ritu beri's hubby..man what tastes these bases of the day have..or maybe the gandhi was more attractive:)

Invincible said...

i read ur post 'once he was invincible'.
That was the greatest tribute i've ever received.
Thanks a lot.

The Light-House. said...

@ Dewaker:No I have not seen Ritu Beri's husband.I am more interested in Ritu Beri :-))
@ Invinci: *Smile* good deeds and good blog page must be appreciated :-)

Sudeep said...

nice plans.. best wishes to u for those

bubble inside a bubble... dude i cant even blow a single bubble..
:(( .. teach me tht whenevr i land in surat

i suppose u dont know riding bike or is tht even a bicycle??

Celebrity crushes almost match.. coz not the much on Meg Ryan..
Ritu Beri would have been a kewl model... u saw the function of her book-launch... sizzling hot... Ritu not the book.. :))

Neha said...

you can actually make a bubble inside a bubble!! wow :D
i hate getting up early in the morning too n i'm usually late if i hv to reach somewhere early morn!

The Light-House. said...

@ Sudeep: Thanks for wishes
Bubble inside a bubble,its easy.
I can ride a bicylce.
Celebrity Crushes :-P
Agrees on Ritu Beri.But did not see the book launch.
@ Neha: Getting up early in the morning to go somewhere sucks.

Ed Kohler said...

What do you have in mind for your future company? Anything interesting? Can't talk about it? Trade secret?