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Namaskar, Respected Mr Man Mohan Singh and Mr Chidambaram.
If someone has been a real revolutionary after India’s independence, the name of Mr. Man Mohan Singh will be right on the top. India’s present status as a vibrant economy has much to do with insights of this man. I hope he gets a Bharat Ratna some day. One cannot imagine a scenario where the country has just enough money to pay for fifteen days of oil bills just over one and half decade ago.
Mr Chidambaram is lawyer by Profession. He occupies the hot seat as India’s Finance Minister. He has a very good reputation. He has a decent fan following in India Inc. He specializes in company affairs and tax laws.
If they ever land up here then I am seeking answers to the following :-

Why don’t people pay taxes?
What is the cost of collecting taxes?
Why don’t you introduce stringent laws for collecting taxes?
How do Indians invest more into developing India?
Is F.D.I. an over hyped acronym?
Is F.D.I. so vital?
Don’t we have money of our own?
What happens to the Forex reserves?
When do we become fully convertible?
What do I do if I want to invest in my own country’s infrastructure?
What amount of money is kept for modernizing Government offices?
Which are the sectors which often out of government radar?
What amount of money is allotted to research?
Will a city like Mumbai ever see pothole free roads?
Shouldn’t Mumbai be given a special economic status?
Shouldn’t we develop more business centres?
Why don’t we upgrade our education?
Why are basic facilities lagging in many professional colleges?
Is the time right to improve the courses in professional colleges?
What emphasis is given to harnessing renewable sources if energy?
Should there be a check on mega corporations so that countries interests are not violated?
How many medals are we expected to win in next Olympics?
Will we ever host an Olympics?
Why not make it simpler and easier for people to pay taxes?
Shouldn’t everyone’s income tax be deducted at the source itself?
What is done to improve skill of labourers?
Why aren’t farmers taxed?
Why 40% of all the food grains we produce do rots before reaching the market?
Why India till is dated not completely Broad Gauged?
Why not encourage people to spend more?
What is done to arrest pandemics like T.B. Cancer, A.I.D.S.?
Why is rural health still an enigma?
How much to we spend on primary education?

I will be adding to this list. The others too are invited to answer these sets of question and add their own.

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Sudeep said...

Why cant we have more younger n educated politicians?

What steps r u taking to make people belive in the functioning of our judiciaru system?

Why BPO workers r being exempted frm paying tax? Damn then why not me?

More as n when they come up to my mind