About: Chicken Manchurian or Chicken Tandoori?

Courtesy: The Hindu.

The competition is as hot as the next wild MMS or the television screen when Mallika Sherawat dressed in bits and pieces is aired. The bulls scaled the peak of magical 10 K on the B.S.E. Sensex, which seems to be of same chronological importance as that of Hillary (not Clinton) and Tenzing scaling the Everest. There is India - China everywhere you turn your head. It is on the corner Chinese thela selling chicken fried rice or Szechwan rice giving run for the money to the next vendor selling zaffrani chicken biryani. The competition is between the latest Chinese spring dosa versus the traditional masala dosa along with coconut chutney and onion rasam. However, the Tandoori Chicken and Aloo Paratha beat the shit out of chicken lollypop and spring roll. There are more tea, fruits and vegetables grown then number of pencil cells made in China. We have more engineers being educated but the literacy rate is more there. The building in which you live is built on principles of Vaastu Shastra and your workplace is designed by keeping in mind laws of Feng Shui.
This is just a common day scenario. There will be more and more of this as we (India-China) gets more and more attention. The oldest civilizations are shining in the new light and coming fore on the world stage. There is a demand for UNSC here while a WTO membership to China is recently granted. There will be more things to consider when Chinese and Indian companies venture in world for bid to take over companies in Europe and Americas. There was one when Chinese company took over Kazakh oil with Indian company not given a chance to re-bid the tender. It was then CNOOC (Chinese National Oil Company) being rejected to take over UNOCAL (an American Company). There is similar scene with L.N. Mittal bidding for Arcelor. There is a huge debate over debt relief and subsidy in WTO. There are few articles on the site Project Syndicate. The world is until date is certainly not as flat as Thomas Friedman suggested in “The World is Flat”. It is an amazing book if you want to know.

What it is about India and China?
What is Apache?
How does Dell work?
Who is Linus Torvalds?

It also tells you everything about the Internet you ever wanted to know.
It is deemed an Asian century. The USA making sure they pull all the strings at the right time with calling for more human rights in China and a better environment for investment in India, using both as counter weight to each other. When they do this, they make sure the Dollar never looses its lustre. The “Tiger” economies are licking their wounds. They seem to be in awe of the Asian Elephants.
Then imagine a GDP groth of 9% to that of may be a 4.5% pver the period of tweny year I think it may count. They started there process of reforms way back in seventies. There is a clear head start. When they started reforms Indira Gandhi was busy nationalising banks. We still have strikes all over the place when airports are privatized. There was a strike called even assurances over no job loss. Why was there was a strike called in Kolkatta airport when only Delhi and Mumbai airport were privatized? There are no chapters in history text books in primary schools, which throw light on events after 15 August 1947.
There is opposition to anything that is to be done here. The rights are emphasised while the duties are pass to the person standing behind. Jana Gana Mana is the National anthem and people are surprised to know that Vande Matram (soon to be replaced by Kajra Re) is the national song. The Made in Foreign tag is being replaced by a better quality and cheaper “Made in India” brand. There is however one upper hand we still have. We have produced more Ms. Universe and Ms. World then Chinese women. However, I think these beauty pageants are going to take place in China for the period of next 5 years.
The question in my mind is, “Is China a threat” or is it just in my head? I see a lot of these similarities.I wish to know more. Do you mind taking dig at the following?

Chicken Tikka vs Chicken Manchurian.
Chicken Biryani vs Chicken Fried Rice.
Chinese Spring Dosa vs Masala Dosa.
Vaastu Shastra vs Feng Shui .
Services vs Manufacturing.
Vedic Maths vs Abacus.
Mumbai vs Shanghai.
Subash Ghai vs John Woo.
Sunny Deol vs Jackie Chan. *
Made in India vs Made in China.
Multi Party Democracy vs Single Party Communism.
* Sebia's suggestion.


Sakshi said...

"We have produced more Ms. Universe and Ms. World then Chinese women."
Tally that against the Olympic medals they have won.What is more important?
For a country with similar population, they sure have a better sports program, equal education system but they have advantage over us -
its easy for a single, central communist party to modulate the behavior of the whole nation (I am not for this, I love my freedom of speech too much).but because of this -they have been able to cull the cities of extra immigrants (you have to have permission from the goverment to live in Beijing, own a car, a pet!!), focus the bullk of the money in beautifying the premises and keeping sure (by force) that all the public talks about is the glory of the nation.
This creates a very favourable impression on the west who is actively investing in the east.
We can not do this as our cities are bulging with the strain to sustain hundreds of youth that come to city to feed their family. That leaves us with a burgeoning population and dirty towns and filthy conditions and apathetic politicians who use the national pride as a tool to be elected and then Fuck the nation.
Not a good impression.
You might say that this is not important - but try dressing as a bum for a job interview. That is the impression that the west gets of India.
I can go on about this - but my central theme has always been we need to get our act together or we are not going to be a super power in the east.

Dawn....सेहर said...

Hey...quite an informative blog u hv...will hv to spend some time reading it...
keep blogging

The Light-House. said...

@ Sakshi:I agree.but sports is not a career.Could u name 5 sports person from various sports other than cricket.Not many including me will be able to do that.
There is a lot of scope for improvement.Its just needs initiation.
@ Dawn: Thank you keep visiting....

Sakshi said...

"Sports is not a career". Neither is a beauty paegent.
But I disagree. Sports is a career, just not accepted in India.

harsh said...

U have a great blog!
read a few posts.. will be visiting regularly.. keep it up!


The Light-House. said...

@ Sakshi:I don't think sports is such a brilliant career if there is no glamour and media hype attached to it.
Beauty Paegants have traditionally been a big ticket to bollywood starting with actress like Nutan,Zeenat Aman,Namrata Shirodkar,Juhi Chawla,Ash,Sush,Celina Jaitley,Priyanka Chopra.Some of these are/were top notch heroines.
The list is long and exhaustive.
@ Harsh:Thank You.It is good that u would be regularly visiting. :)

sebia said...

jackie chan vs sunny deol?
(dont kill me if jackie chan isnt chinese:p)
wht a razor cut analysis..
finally smthing which i could read and thoroughly enjoi:P
china is the country who used its population,,which ws cming as a threat fr its stability as its treasure..wish we do the same..

Katuska said...

Hi Tarun,
You asked me how I made my Word Cloud. You can make your own in Photoshop it is very easy. Just make every word a new layer and then you can play with the fonts, sizes colours, etc.
Good luck!!

Sakshi said...

Thats where you are wrong, sports do have glam attached to them.Even the bowling champs have their groupies. Though, it is true that more hyped the sport the more the media chases the celebrity.
Ask you cricketeers.F1 racers.Tennis stars. Football players. Soccer players.
IMHO, they are more deserving of the hype than the glam bimbos.

The Light-House. said...

@ Sebia:I guess u are correct.Jackie is from Hong Kong hence a chinese.Good you enjoyed the post.Not everyone enjoys the game of cricket.
@ kata: Thanks for coming in.Iwill try making a word cloud as soon as i lay my hands on photoshop.I dont have one as of now.
@ Sakshi:I tried to bring focus on the whole India and China thing.I did not wanted glamour attached to this.I think India and China haven't been the most courteous of neighbours.we need to form better relations with China.I now think the real threat is from some other direction.

Sakshi said...

I disagree,
Given the geography of China, the eminent threat to the NE border is ever prevailing. This is a country that will blindly follow its goverment. Talk with them and you realise that they have no respect for the NE border. They believe that the region belongs to them. They have always filtered through the borders (ask our military). Pakistan is overt but an enemy we can easily subdue. With China we need to be in a strategic location or they will beat us like in 61.
The threat from China is real and eminent. We don't have to do the whole Hindi- chini bhai bhai crap. Just keep an eye out while always leading with diplomatic relations.

The Light-House. said...

No I am not suggesting Hindi-Chini bhai bhai funda.But in present senario territorial gain for China is of no use.On the other hand trade with India will help china a lot.
They too want territorial spremacy but they wont use military might for it.They do want to slow down by engaing with India.
1961 is a bygone era.

Sakshi said...

Yup, But even on the economics front - they are doing much better than us.
Though I have always suspected that the Chinese economy is bloated by its government.
They have lower % of population under poverty line, higher rate of education for women, higer growth interest.
They are not going to form economic relations with us. watch the market and see how they are manipulating the oil drills in the south east asia. We are being hurt by it. They will compete with us in the economy for the simple reason that there can only be 1 major player in the east.
So far they are ahead of us in every aspect. And don't think 61 is past us - the Chinese will not give a damn if they are economic power. They are holding the upper card.

The Light-House. said...

China seems to be slowing down and India seems to be marching ahead.
I see good times coming for India.

Sakshi said...

Sorry to disappoint you: but they are not.
They are also going great guns in Molecular biology research where we (politely put)are full of shit.
We have a way to go in just getting out basic infrastructure in place. I don't see the rosy dreams that you invision for India.
WE have to amp up our strong points which is a blessedly fertile land. If we venture as a strong agriculture nation, with our techie backdrop we can make the rest of the world kiss our asses.
But we are too busy doing nothing.

ronak said...

hi Tarun
nice blog.still to read more of ur blogs,but i still think that China is a threat to India. they are developing their skills in each and every field that is possible to compete and beat India.
by the way u can check my blog. http://cherishmymemories.blogspot.com/

The Light-House. said...

@ Sakshi: The whole point of my post was India and China probably the oldest surving civilzations continue to foray into the new world.Now the horizon seems to be bigger, brighter and more challenging.The whole poitn being the India China debate is now not restricted to few letters read as F.D.I. but slowly seeping into the life of an averge Indian.We have done the most idfficult part ie we have intitated reforms the big question is coninuing the process and making sure that reforms of all the other fileds linked to a human life is also undertaken.
@ Ronak:Hi, welcome to my blog.Hope u come here often.India and China wow, let see.