Cricket: Moin haunts the spirit.

The batsman Inzi stops the ball hurled his way with he being out of crease. He violated a law of cricket, the fielders appealed; the umpires consulted and gave him out. Where is the question of hurting the spirit of the game? They did not push Inzi put of the ground nor did they bashed the two umpires and made sure they upheld the appeal. There was a violation of a rule and Inzi paid the price for it by getting dismissed, simple. After all, everything had been done in accordance with the rules, regulations and laws already laid down. I see nothing that violates the spirit of the game. Would he have raised the same question if a Tendulkar, a Dravid, or any Indian batsmen were to be given out in that way? The one and the obvious answer is, No. I thought this is India vs. Pakistan. Not a quarter asked neither a quarter is given.
Moin Khan said that the Indian’s appeal against Inzi’s run out was against the spirit of the game of cricket. Then my mind tried to trace back a few synonyms for the word spirit. I also consulted a dictionary. I found the words that could replace the word spirit, courage, guts, moral fibre, chi, soul, ghosts, phantom and lastly alcohol. Did he intend to talk about the spirit linked to spiritualism or was it more intent to ghost, ghouls and phantoms or towards alcohol or something similar. I thought he would be last person talking about the “spirit” of the game in the spiritual sense. Mr Moin Khan, those who live in a glasshouse should make sure that they change their clothes behind curtains. I am still eager to know what he thought of Shoaib Malik kicking the ball away, on intent in order to avoid a run out that was to me against the spirit of the game. I think he is still mum on this issue. I am sure that he wasn’t watching cricket when Akhtar was hurling beamers and abuses on Indian batsmen after being pulled hooked and driven all over the cricket park. There are lot many issues and I am sure there are many skeletons and spirits (here, ghosts) locked in memories of Moin Khan when he played against India. I remember just one thing of when it comes to Moin Khan. It was the way Tendulkar bowled him between his legs in the last test he played. I wish I could find a clip of that it is an amazing piece of cricket dismissal.
Moin Khan you are still not on that pedestal where people talk about ethics, principles, spirit (here moral fibre) so cool it and watch the game.
I am sure Moin Khan was under the influence of some sort of spirit (here alcohol or ghosts whichever applicable) when he questioned Dravid’s intent over his dismissal. I love the way Dravid bats. He is amazingly consistent. He has been the scriptwriter for saving and winning many a Test matches. He is no longer in a shadow of Tendulkar. I love the way he keeps his head high and makes sure his integrity never stumbles. I am not saying that Dravid has been free of controversies. I do remember he declaring Tendulkar at 198* but I would stick to him on that.


Rohan Patkar said...

Hey man..Well Said!! Moin Khan is just trying to make headlines by scandalizing an unusual dismissal..
A small correction..I guess Sachin was 194*..(I dont want to sound arrogant for correcting the score..) :)

mortein_bugger said...

Ur blog echoed my and millions of other indian sentiments.
Pakistan is a useless country and the best we can do is ignore the Pakistanis.
They dont have the *ick nor the *alls to worry INDIA.

emotions said...

Hey very well said dude !!
nice post n u know wat after reading ur posts bout cricket i become mor eeager to know more bout it !! good one !!

all d bst !!
keep writing n keep smiling :-)

The Light-House. said...

@ Rohan: 4 runs don't matter much in this case.The point is Tendulkar missed a double century.
@ Mortein Da:Thank U Mortein Da *Laughs out Loud* as a country I agree but I always feel that Pakistan is a better bowling attack.
@ Emotions:When things happened they must be explained.Thats My Point of View

Caleb said...

i have the moin khan clip :)

if you want i can mail it to you

The Light-House. said...

@ Arvind:Thanx for the clip I will make sure that i learn how to host this clip along with this post.