Cricket: India in a wild goose chase.

Pakistan 288 / 8
Abdur Razzaq just battered my wishes on an easy Indian victory in Gadaffi Stadium, Lahore. He played a good hand of over run a ball and dashed the bowling figures of all the bowlers. Shoaib Mallik having come close to hitting a century no the last two innings managed to cross the “nervous nineties” syndrome. Sachin called in to bowl did a good job. Zaheer Khan provided much required impetus to the Pakistani inning with last ten overs yielding 93 runs. Pakistani team have been traditionally flayed all type of bowling in the “slog” overs. It was turn of Indian bowling today. The ground fielding was brilliant same cannot be said about the catching.
The famed Indian batting line up will be under pressure. Sehwag is out with a shoulder injury. Gautam Gambhir is a competent opening bat. The might of Tendulkar and perseverance of Dravid need to over-come the never-ending respite of Pakistani bowling.
The onus is now with the famed Indian batting line up. I hope they come good. There are few other players who, are very good at this format of the game. They all need to pull up their socks. The toss, which Dravid won took my memories two weeks back when he won the toss on a bowling wicket and then lost the match. I hope it is not the same this time.
There will be a full update if the watch. The Indian inning is to begin as I write off this post.

Part II. India chase the wild goose.

The match is now over as I sit to write this. I did not “see” the match but followed it on Rediff. Gautam Gambhir sadly missed out. He played onto the stumps. It was a fulfilled stuff. The Indian innings wasn’t the best start one will ever see.After Gambhir was sent packing, in walked Pathan at Gadaffi Stadium Lahore.Pathan got a “stinger” bouncer. He gloved it and showed he is a decent batsman.One has to be a decent batsman to edge those. The walk out of the park looked sad and called for some cautious defensive batsmanship.He and Tendulkar put their heads down and got a solid partnership going. Dravid misjudged a run and saw his stumps being broken followed by a red signal from the third umpire declaring his innigs over.The innings played by Dravid did not show much in terms of runs score but he got a partnership going. He has now been run-out for thirtieth time.Tendulkar meanwhile looked in no hurry as he weaved, ducked, and left some deliveries and made sure that there is a good chance. The Pakistani bowled well at the start but when things eased out Indians looked in control. Shoaib Akhtar was dearly missed.I think those who said Endulkar need to some out say a big sorry and swear never to write off people like Tendulkar. This innings wasn’t as flashy as he played one in 2003 World Cup against Pakistan with India chasing a score of nearly equal magnitude. The quality is strokes never the less pristine. He looked sure to get his fortieth hundred before being dismissed for 95. It is sad but it is end of stories of Endulkar. I don’t think that person won’t be enjoying seeing Tendulkar in good form.
Yuvraj Singh entered when Dravid had to exit. He never looked out of touch. He really played well and reduced pressure on Tendulkar. I saw a few Pakistani bowlers getting under Tendulkar’s skin. I am very glad they did it and made sure he played a determined innings. Yuvraj is very good under the situation in which he came in. He is a very good runner and a brilliant striker. There was a chance when Pakistan got Tendulkar and Kaif in a matter of an eyewink. In walked Mahendra Singh Dhoni. He is super cool at the moment and cannot put a foot wrong. He smashed them all over Gaddaffi Stadium 72* (46 b 13 fours). He made sure that he finished the game. President Pervez Mushraff was also impressed.
There is a cause of concern however. It is the form of Kaif. He has been not amongst the runs in International cricket. I think he should be the one down batsman in the next two O.D.I.s His form is crucial. He is a decent enough batsman to cover the specialist one down position. It will be good to see him among runs.
The curtains of this match came down with applause for Mahendra Singh Dhoni show. He deservedly got the man of the match. India came home with 5 wickets and couple of overs still to be bowled. The series is still not over and Pakistan will make it sure that it wont be over in the next match. They would want to make sure the test Indians thoroughly before the series is over. I think India should continue to play in the same vein and play to win the series in the next match.


Łóòň Ġãĺ said...


Am so glad to read it all .... cricket was my love once upon a time ...

keep us all updated!!!

And thanks for dropping by ...

Arz000n said...

Just few mins back ma rooomie came inside and lab and said...INDIA WON!!

and my reaction was:

We had a match today?? No one told me about this :)

Rohan Patkar said...

India won man!! Sachin & Yuvi played brilliantly..Dhoni was mind-blowing. Way to Go!!

Caleb said...

i thought Sachin shouldve been the man of the match!!!

great chase though!!

it looks like both teams are trying to make it an even contest!! shoaib got injured and harbhajan got injured!!! now sehwag and afridi got injured!! good its not a 10 match series.. else the last 3 wouldve been played by our under-19 teams

The Light-House. said...

@ Cheesy: Thank You.Take care.
@ Arz000n: That seemed bizzare (by state i guess).Better late then never.
@ Rohan:Sure thats the way to go and perhaps win the series in the fourth one dayer itself.But it seems highly unlikely.
@ Arvind.I agree.Me not following under 19 world cup.
Mail me the clip of Moin getting bowled.

Sesh said...

It was a great chase from the Indians. India has won 11 games in a row now, chasing a target. Thats awesome !!!

Tarun, U were right on your money, abt Kaif, he is more useful up the order than coming down, especially, when we have a batsman like Dhoni, who can blast the bowling down the order.

Thanks, for visiting my page :)

The Light-House. said...

@ Sesh: Mention not.It was good to read thru to your page. :-)