About: The tranquil at the sunset.

There is some reason yet unknown, which draw me towards a sunset. There is something very alluring about the sunset. It makes me think over things, which I never think at any other time of the day. It makes me hope, pray and smile at things, which I have ever done. I also tend to take a fresh stand and review things, which I ever did. It also made me believe that the darkest hour of the day is one before the sunrise.
The dusk also marks a period of transition. No matter how tired I am I always find time around sunsets very soothing and pacifying. I have just seen a full rainbow once but I always amazed at the sight of sunset from my window. I remember a time in the college when at times I would get onto my terrace hostel just to see the sunset. I at times rue that I did not had a camera at times to freeze that frame of time. I believe I have seen some very beautiful sunsets during my college days. The winter sunset use to be quick and before you know darkness and a chill would take over. The summer and the autumn sunset I feel are elongated as if drawing attention.
I also sometime wonder if I could sketch or paint better. I have a predilection for photography and the colours, hue and shades at sunsets are amazing. The bright reds, mellow orange, golden yellows and different hues mix up and slowly dissolve into the dark blue, black colour of evening as you peer into space at a distance of the far and beyond. The lengths of shadows seem to stretch into far beyond the times, yet to come. The stars in the evening come out of for a long vigil of the night. They add to the sparkle of the evening.
I think of it as the greatest time to meet people and share a few thoughts and things that went by during the day. The evening cup of coffee tastes amazing; so does a cold drink that I often had in years that have gone by. The music also seems very soothing if there is a track in which Manna De’ hums “Zindagi kaisi hai paheli hai”. I see of it as a promise that it fulfils with a bright morning and taking charge of a new day. It inspires me to forget whatever good or bad happened the last day and to start again fresh again. It is about getting up again and giving the best of you in the direst of circumstances that one may ever face.
It sometime makes me take a path on a lonely path away from the world, which brings me, closer to myself. A long path that clear all the darkness of lack of thoughts when last ray of sun shine in my eyes as if bringing to light some thoughts, wishes, hopes and dreams which are yet to be realized.
I look ahead for the next day as I post this at midnight wishing and praying for everyone dear, near and far wishing him or her health and peace. I hope they also realize a few dreams and goals the next day when they see a setting sun.
There are some dreams still to be fulfilled and some amazing sunsets yet to be seen.


PuNeEt said...

wishing that sunset takes with him tiredness of ur day and every new day bring new hopes to cherish new susets :-))

i too love watching sunset...
earlier i used to watch it quite regularly bt after reading ur post I've realised its been ages I've been to seaface to watch one...

very beautiful post

Neha said...

sunsets.. i haven't seen too many of them.. would love to just sit on the beach, and watch the sun go down..

you take amazing photos..

take care.. n i hope all you dreams get fulfilled :)

The Light-House. said...

@ Puneet:Remember that ad from emirates "when was the last time u did things for the first time"?
I hope u saw a goood sunset of late.
@ Neha:Thank u for the compliment.Beeach and sunset good fun.

Invincible said...

i luv watching sunsets. It has a charm of its own. A perfect setting for contemplation !

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

I agree with Puneet :)

Amazing pic.

I came here looking for some cricket updates ... but was so surprised to find something as thoughtful and deep as this ... very well put!

The Light-House. said...

@ Incinci: Yes it is.
@ Chessy: :-) Thank You

GolbGuru said...

Uniqueness theorem of sunsets: No two sunsets are alike. Applicable to sunrises too. The only difference being that sunsets get better with every passing moment.
May be thats what our eyes try to appreciate.

The Light-House. said...

Late to bed late to rise has been my funda for months now so i prefer to see the sunset coz i can't see sunrise often.