Cricket: Second Test Preview.

Never take victories into head and never take defeats to heart. I wish something were also said about drawn Test matches. It was that type of drawn test, in which both teams would love to take something out of the last game into this test match. Indians played to the gallery and had cats among pigeons. I think Indians would have never ever made it. It was too much of an ask and Flintoff could not comprehend the situation. There was unnecessary panic.
As from experiences, one should never ever write off Tendulkar. He might turn up on the pitch any day and haemorrhage runs. He has the most numbers of international runs. One thing we can write about Tendulkar, he may get out to a second string bowler. Monty Panesar would not have in his wildest dream ever thought of claiming Tendulkar’s wicket in his Test debut. Panesar bowled well in the conditions. Indians were also guilty of lack of imagination in bowling and batting. The fielding in second innings was a perfect example of how not to field in a test match.
The Second Test gets underway at P.C.A. Mohali, Chandigarh. It is perhaps the most scenic of all Indian grounds. When the last time these two teams met here, Harbhajan dented life out of England with five wickets in a green top. This time round it will be interesting to see if Harbhajan plays at all. Sree Santh is confirmed not to play. There is toss between Laxman and Kaif. I am not sure if I want to be in Dravid’s shoes.
It will be said to both players. The Indians will do good to win the toss and play first and hopefully make a good first innings score.
The English will do well to chuck out Ian Bell and get another batsman. Pietersen and Collingwood should look to come up with Jones and Flintoff covering up. Their bowlers might get a good purchase. Alistair Cook should be smart enough to play the way he knows best. Pietersen and Collingwood should be hell bent on staying in the middle for a very long time.
The final eleven will be interesting to see. This is a very crucial innings in context of the series.