Cricket: England looses the initiative.

England: 244-7
Collingwood: 60* Pathan: 57-3
Cook: 60

Rahul Dravid will believe it was a lucky toss to lose in the end. England started well with a solid opening partnership. Alistair Cook looks good. Harbhajan managed to check him from time to time, with the opener struggling to pick the spinners variations. He played a classic openers innings. The first to go was Strauss, it was a nothing shot off Santh an invitation to trouble. Laxman meanwhile held onto a sharp chance giving Sree Santh his first test wicket. Then Bell came in hit a couple of boundaries and was foxed by Harbhajan's off spinner, which went straight. Dravid held on the edge. He is top class when it comes to first slip catches. This one was no different. Pietersen also seemed to be motoring along before a rash shot caused to play Santh on to the stumps. Then there was a partnership. Collingwood defended, Flintoff attacked. It looks like Flintoff doesn’t actually looks forward to play spin. He was unlucky to be given out to Kumble for score of 43.
Collingwood meanwhile spent lots of time on the crease. I hope he kicks on tomorrow to make an impressive score. At the end of the day, Irfan Pathan proved that, he is also very useful with the old ball and notched up a couple of wickets. Collingwood should play at number three because Ian Bell doesn’t fit in there, as his footwork against spinners is often wanting. The opener really played well. He was bowled by a Pathan in swinger a touch of Wasim could be felt if you look at that dismissal.
Indian seems to be in driver’s position. However, the problem is polishing off the tail, which is often the case of India’s undoing. The seamers shared five wickets between them while the spin twins shared a wicket apiece. I think pace should be used to clean up the tail. India will truly be in control if they are to take a lead in this test series. However, as both teams are yet to complete an innings one must not presume much. I think England played a decent inning by keeping not letting spinners take too many wickets. I hope the case is not so in the second innings. I think the English batsmen have to spend more time on the pitch. They should try to aim to play test cricket in an old fashioned when then only can they make a match out of it.


Invincible said...

wherez the letter to Mr Manmohan Singh n PC gone ?

The Light-House. said...

Into Drafts.wait i will post that

Katuska said...

Hi Tarun,
It;s kata again. You remember you asked me about my Word Cloud...
I found a website where they do it all for you!!!
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Anyway, check it out:

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Caleb said...

The first day was sooooooo boring!! SL Bangladesh match was more interesting!!

the pitch had nothing for the bowlers.. the bowling was average.. the batting - pathetic!! their best chance was in the first innings!!!

The Light-House. said...

@ Kata: Thank U i did check it out :-)
@ Caleb:Did u expect a superlative effort anyway?