About: A passing Sunday.

It was just another passing Sunday. It was about lazy mornings, a good brunch, gossip filled newspaper columns, a good lunch, a fanciful siesta, a few phone calls catching up with people. An evening of social gatherings. Now suddenly close to midnight I realize that it is time to blog.

Passing the tag down the blog exchange.

A very bored Cheesy met me on YM and asked “whats new?” I told her that Sudeep tagged me. She read the tag and asked me to tag her. I did so on her request. I am eager to see what Cheesy does with this tag. A big Hi to Cheesy, Sudeep and Sakshi.
When it’s the summer time.
The song is cute but the rest of the following lines (and the weather is fine) was not meant for us Indians. The weather isn’t “eggxactly” fine when the temperature reaches 40°C. The weather has shot upto to this limit and the worst has yet to come as this is the season of a long summer is gradually unfolding.

Fruit full summers.

The watermelon stalls are increasing day by day. I have yet to taste some of them. But a thirst wrenching summer always come with thirst-quenching fruits. I have couple of trees that are now fully loaded with ripe mangoes, which I preferably call “carries” I managed to pluck some of those real ripe and real tangy one and Mom chopped them for salad. The tangy taste tickles my tongue whenever I think of them. Then there was a big bush of chickoos. I never imagined myself picking fruits was so easy. I remember planning to attack the tree with loaded with jamuns and carries. I love them.

Cricket over view.

Kaif and Yuvraj, what more do I say. I think one of the openers should be dropped. It does not matter which one we drop, both are awful at this moment of time. I say open with Raina. Kaif at three, Dravid at four and Yuvraj at five. Then there will be a luxury of picking some other batsmen. The English batting looks very vulnerable to a sharp Indian spin attack. There is one thing sure about the schedule of this tour. The schedule manager did not pay much attention to the calendar. Whats the point of not keeping a single ODI on a weekend is puzzling.
The most puzzling term in the game of cricket is the acronym I.C.C. There are many reasons why it is still an enigma. I believe they have no control over any cricket board. I wonder if they keep a tab on any fact of the type of cricket that a team plays. England keep on playing Test. Their One-Day performances are not so good. England, Bangladesh and Zimbabwe are the only teams, which have not won any major ICC tournaments. I don’t think they look like anyways.

A new summers light.

The days a bit of laziness and bewilderment are over. I have joined in a bank. I am real excited on joining this one. Let’s see how things meander.


Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

lollll @ Very bored Cheesy !!! LOLL

shit ! 40 degrees .. is tooo much man.... what's the maximum there??

hey u got mango trees? cool ! i dont really like mangoes though ... but i had some friends who used to go crazy abt em ...

i love watermelons though ... :D

hey how does tht make a difference if they have a match on a weeekend or not ???

congratz again for the job .... u'll be fine and get used to the atmosphere for sure!

Besta luck !!

The Light-House. said...

@ Cheesy: Hey Cheesy *Hi Fives* Thanks for the luck.Water melons are always welcome.If there are matches at the week end then we get all the time on the world to enjoy the match

Pinks said...

after seeing today's match i think yuvraj shud not be dropped...infact he shud be promoted in the natting order...n u can view my blog better in internet explorer..dun try mozilla or firefox

Sudeep said...

kaam ko lag gaya toh ab Sundays ka meaning samjhega bacchu.. he he

A BIG hi to u too...

the temp here too is soaring n FYI watermelon is my most fav fruit... stalls yahan bhi bhej de thode

khatte kairi ka aachar.... mmmmmm

dude u made me hungry now..

The Light-House. said...

@ Pinks:Yuvraj should never be dropped.I just feel he is an ordinary Test player.
@ Sudeep:Yes Acchar and mangoes rule.