Blog: Beat the heat.

The long summer is here to stay. It is still a long way to go before the rain gods attend to our miss call of prayers and return favour by calling back. But till then we have to attend in the summers by being in silent mode. I do so to make sure I protect myself from throat infections which come along with extended Indian summers. I am weary of throat infection as they drag along for weeks to no end. Not to mention the potential threat of a viral attack that they bring along with them. . Anyway there are a few tips I follow when it some to summers.
  • Avoid direct sun whenever possible. Walk in the shades if possible.

  • Put on a cap if you have to go out in the sun. Make sure it is a nice easy to wear cotton cap.

  • Drink truck loads of water.

  • Stay away from “soft” drinks.

  • Say no to hard drinks and hard nicotine.

  • Suppose you come back with in the four walls of your confine don’t rush to grab your “cold” water bottle / soft drink. Relax get used to the confines. Make sure the heavy panting breath is normal.Avoid chilled, refrigerated cold water, instead just add no more than two cubes of ice in a glass water

  • The A.C. in your room is no dryer so don’t expose yourself to sudden drop in temperature by standing in front of the A.C.

  • Exchange the amount of soft drink you consume with fresh fruit juices.

  • Don’t rush to have a bath. It may sound weird but try taking a bath with warm water in the morning and a cold bath before having dinner. Now don’t equate warm and hot.

  • Wear cotton/natural fabric.

  • Heard of Curds? Halg glass of curds + halg glass of water spice it with pepper, coriander (dhania), jeera, and salt.You would love it believe me, try this at home.

  • Try to have a glass of chaas, lassi, raita, with meals.


Invincible said...

nice tips !
Mumbai is terribly hot these days. Pune is better.

Curds = curd = dahi ?

The Light-House. said...

I know, Surat is equally terrible in terms of Weather.
Yes Dahi, I bet it will help u a lot.

Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

oh nice ... when i was in mumbai ... i used to do all those don't s ;p ;p

no wonder i got a major tan all over my face n arms ...

and am alrdy too prone to colds n throat infections ..

neither am i curd fan!

informative posts!

The Light-House. said...

@ Cheesy: Thanks

Sudeep said...

Nice tips... straight frm Naani maa ke nuskhe

The Light-House. said...

@ Sudeep: Yes and these have been personally verified thru trial and error ...

Neha said...

I love bangalore! Know y?? Coz there are no major heat problems here!!!
ha ha ha