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There are many definitions of greatness but I would define it as “Achieving something timeless in one’s life-time.” I think it fits well for a very respected “Naushad Saab”. The legendary Naushad Ali saab passed away today. He was a veteran and an eye witness to rise of Hindi/Bollywood cinema from it’s infancy. His achievements are fresh colours on canvas by a master creative artist.

Naushad and Mughal-E-Azam.
His compositions are timless in themselves. He composed music for Mughal-E-Azam, which is again an all time classic and marks the highest echelons of a creative geniuses of film making, music composing, acting, playback singing, dialogue writing and everything else which constitutes film making. I have seen the epic’s “colour” edition in theatre and believe me, the movie is connoisseur’s delight.

The Golden Years.
He was also a part of elite group of music composers who composed music during the late fities till the early seventies. This period was the golden period with best of talents composing music, best lyrics written by all time great writer’s and sung by singers whose popularity never shrunk, instead continues to grow. These played again and again on radios for decades then on television serials like “Chitrahaar” and “Rangoli” and now they are re-done and re-made and re-mixed. Their legacy is ever blossoming rosary.

Naushad’s Contributions.
The master can be credit to bringing to fore a “Lata Mangeshkar” and “Mohd. Rafi”, both legends in their own right. His music compositions for various other movies will always remind us of the class of this master.


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yep heard abt him ... may god bless his soul..

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I am not much into Naushad Saab's Biography but what u wrote makes sense.

May his Soul RIP.

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