About: Next Change.

No No I am not short of change, (छुट्टा) infact at present my wallet has (छुट्टा)
T change of every kind.It has been lot happening around the world and there is a lot that can be blogged about. The coming weekend may help me to actually sit and write something. I have been busy with my first love, my sleep, after being physically exhausted and mentally discharged I just blog hop to see whats around.
As the weekend is free for things I love to do I would make sure that there is enough to catch up to the world. About catching up I suddenly realise that I have not been in touch with my friends I will try to scrap/mail them declairing I am in good health and doing well at best.
The start of the day has been good.Me gets up early and has sufficent time to plan out my day. I hope I get enough time to "scarp" in couple of post atleast. A cricketing post is definetly on the way along with a few other like "Imagine this." "Month of Gemini".
This post will be edited before the date changes to 24 June.
Meanwhile some of you would love to check this site out, it is Amul's ("uttelry butterly delicious Amul") site and they boast of some really good cartoons one must check it out if they wish to tickle their funny bone.


Sudeep said...

lolz @ change n chutta

have a gr8 weekend n Amul ads' r really brilliant

The Light-House. said...

@ Sudeep: :D