Cricket: India vs W.I. Second test.

I hoped that it won’t rain and Lara will make runs. It rained and Lara made runs. The fourth day washed out India’s hope to go up in the second test. Let us not curse the factors which are beyond one’s control, the bare fact that we have not got what it takes to bowl out oppositions twice. Indian selectors dropped the best bowler on view in the One Day series. Pathan was battered out of form in the One Days by Gayle and rest of the seam bowling won’t fetch 20 wickets. This is where we struggle.

Morning Session.
India had a good start with taking two quick wickets of Ganga and Sarwan. Then came in Chanderpaul, “He came, He saw He stuck” his batting manta against India. He has scored a million runs against India. He will continue to do so, he has not made a century as of yet but there are four innings coming up so I back him to get atleast one if not more.
He and Lara piled on the agony as India did not have the firepower plus luck to dislodge them.

Lara can still play.
Lara is perhaps the most mercurial batsmen you may ever wish to see. It was his day yesterday. He played and played and bought back the sinking West Indian ship in the harbour of safety. He is currently on 32 centuries. He will make some more before he retires. He was rock solid in his exaggerated defence and gave no chance what so ever to the bowlers. What’s up for the next innings?

Kumble and Sehwag.
As long as Sehwag picks up wickets there is a slim chance of Harbhajan playing? They did well together. Sehwag’s good form with the ball, saw VRV Singh fall out of captain Dravid’ radar. I think he could have bowled more than 11 overs. He has pace and makes the batsman rush into his shots.

The problems are a plenty for India.
The West Indian team would have thanked the heaves for gifting them a Lara and thunder showers for a day both helped West Indies team draw the test match. There are many positives for West Indies apart from Sarwan’s poor run. There are many problems for Dravid as a captain even though the team has done well. I expect West Indies to put up a better show. They will have everything to play for. They have the home advantage. I fear the next pitch to be seamers paradise and Indian batsmen’s nightmare.


Sudeep said...

Rains took out all the fun out of the match.. otherwise it would have been an interesting 2nd innings

n Sehwag's bald look is working for him it seems... he he

Sesh said...

If not for the rain, India would have made it. If India has to win a Test match, they gotta grab 20 wkts & I feel they can never make it with this bowling line-up. Except for Munaf, who is bowling brilliantly, the pace attack struggles. If we gonna get a lively pitch at St.Kitts, then Pathan & VRV, better catch up !!!

The Light-House. said...

@ Sudeep:Yeah true.He should have gone bald couple of series ago.
@ Sesh:Pace attack is too raw and naieve.