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The cast and mould of the film.
The ensemble of cast is very dynamic, starring Ajay Devgan, Kareena Kapoor, Saif Ali Khan leading the way along with the support cast of Vivek Oberoi , Konkona Sen, Bipasha Basu and Naseeruddin Shah. The "mould" or the setting of the plot is rustic and may happen in any part of rural North India namely, Eastern UP or Bihar. It is about guns some more guns, lots of voilence along with lots of expletives which would have been necessary inorder to portray of charachters. There are also some tongue-in-cheek dialogues which I would have heasty laugh but fortunately I could not as I knew my parents sit besides me.

The story is about.
It is about power grabbing. Ajay Devgan is Omkara who leads goons under him. He is follower of a local criminal's character played by Naseeruddin Shah. The local don Omkara is promoted and his shoes needs to be filled. He chooses Vivek's character and Saif has to be the loser. The story slowly gravitates towards grab what Saif that was his. Kareena's character is used to continuously guide the plot towards it's end. Vivek's character screw up a few times which obviously did not amuse Omkara.

The role of the background setters.
It is needless to say he has done his part of the job well. Bipasha was roped in for the part she does best carrying off the oomph factor meanwhile Konkona Sen often reminds of now legendary (the erst while Dukhyaari) Smita Patil. There is a still on way to reach where Smita Patil left for heavenly abode but she is defenitley that material and has the pedigree too. Vivek's character is as it was in "Yuva" he is always there to take the blame.

A scene which is reminescent of "Deewar".
I hopemost of the poeple have sen Deewar, the (old) one starring Amitabh, Shashi Kapoor and mother of all screen mothers Nirupama Roy. If one remembers the godown scene in which Amtiabh beat the winds out of local gang and then comes out to wash his face and drink water from the nearby tap. Ajay Devgan too does it here only after killing the rival gang. He comes in and drinks water and washes his face I smiled as it was truly "inspired" from Deewar.

The plot turmoils.
As there is turmoil in the story and the plot thickens towards the climax it begins to get hostile and bloody. I not wanting to divulge much will take liberties to just say it is a bloody end to a movie which is about guns, terror, expletives and sex. If u are wishing to see it try not to watch it with your children.

What I liked.
I have not read "Othello" but I love movies based on novels as they come out better and some what more sensible but then it is just a perception though. I think with a success of Parineeta and great reviews for Omkara the filmi people should look into making more movies not only out of Indian literature along with western literature instead of blindly aping English movies.


Sakshi said...

Sicne I have not (nor am I inclined to watch) another bollywood interpretation of a classic like othello, I will take your word that its decent. THough in my hearts of hearts I know it is just another bollywood masala movie, no substance and a little bit of everything.

Sudeep said...

saif ali khan rocks the movie...

lol.. u watched it with ur parents? tu bevakuf nahi tu toh.. jaane de.. tu mera dost hain :D

though it is a movie.. it is a truth in states like UP.. wht a shitty life the ppl live in there

Keshi said...

Now I can see ur blog :)

Gotta watch Omkara then, tnxxx for the review!


The Light-House. said...

@ Sakshi:I have not read Othello. I think Indian film industry will do well to adapt these type of literally works.
I think seeing this movie Ajay Devgan and Saif are on their way to another National Award.

@ Sudeep: Was the blank left purposely or should I assume suitable data?
The choice of movies were Krishh, Gol Maal and Omkara.

@ Keshi:Virus Warning ... *confused*

Neha said...

me planning to watch the movie tonight..lets c how is it..i love the cast of the movie...
and the song "bidi", though its a very sidey no..i love it!!

lil _kath said...

.. tell me how can i watch that movie yaar? sobbs!!


Keshi said...

its all ok now..chill :)


~Lord Anshul said...

i am yet to watch this movie..more views after that..and an blog update too

The Light-House. said...

@ Neha: Whats your review off the movie?

@ Kathy: Why no Hindi DVDs in Japan?

@ Keshi:I am chill and wet, it is raining very heavily here ... ;)

@ Anshul: New post, so taking time off to blog again?

Sindhu said...

Then I think I am not going to watch this movie :}
[As though I would otherwise]

Now I am on my way to reading the other post... the one on cricket.

I was a little busy... shifting our residence: packing, unpacking, arranging. And also recovering from major changes and heart-breaks in life
:(( Kher, chalta rahega ye sab.

And by the way, what is happening to your new blog? I am seriously waiting.

Keshi said...

and wet? lol okkk!


The Light-House. said...

@ Sindhu: Changing Residence = Big Headache. I know what it is all about.
You mnay have to bit longer nothing immediate on the other blog as off yet.

@ Keshi: ;)

Sudeep said...

purposefully to assume suitable data..
wht was their reaction? or u live in modern family? :)

Mon said...

watched this movie twice till now, as one of my fren loved it!! i also liked the movie.
saif have done a good job, the new look, the kind og character he is playing and his acting all was just perfect.
Yesterday was the second time i watched this movie. my kid cousin brother was also with me (who is from Pune btw); he didnt understand the movie! I was happy that he didnt lol :D

The Light-House. said...

@ Sudeep: Data Assumed. :D
Nahi re not a modern family at all, a kid is always a kid in eyes of his/her parents.
I had my tongue between my teeth for the whole movie.

@ Mon: Yes definetly not a movie in which u want to take the kids along.