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It is raining out here in Surat and nearyby areas and there is a damp confusion when u look at your watch and 11 in mid morning seems to act like 6 in the evening and sometimes it gets so dark, windy and rainy that you might get drenched in rain before you snap your fingers. The low lying areas are flooded.

A day "coming soon" ...

While finding time around lunch I incidentally land up on Global Voices Online from there I went to Blog Day so I manage to download some codes for buttons. "Blog Day" ahppens to be deemed to be celebrated on 31 of AUgust every year. If u wish to seek more details just try clicking on those sites. You could Google them as well.

Happy Birthday 2 U

Wishing Arz000n a very Happy Birthday.

The End.
This post is likely to be edit in the near future.


Sudeep said...

It is also raining here heavily..

i surprised a gal here in company by saying its already night .. how come u havent left?
n she instead of seeing the watch she looked outside n freaked out..lol.. it was just late afternoon tht time

happy b'day to Zoonie!

Keshi said...

it's hailing here...raining ice. Damn cold.

Happy Bday z000nezz, miss ya!


Neha said...

arey zoonie baby ka happy b day hai!!humein tou paTA hi nahin that!!
but ab pata chal gaya hai, tou

The Light-House. said...

@ Sudeep: *roars a lion laugh*
@ Keshi: Cold nights = meat and drink?
@ Neha: Yes Good one Neha.

Sindhu said...

Happy Friendship Day!!

Tell me that I am the first person to wish you :)

Nabeel said...

its raining in India and Pakistan man .. nice .. and I eard in Karachi it's been raining for weeks .. nice to see rain man ..

i know the puddles of rain and traffic disaster .. but still rain is beautiful

The Light-House. said...

@ Sindhu: Yes u were the frist one to send your wishes on this blog.

@ Nabeel: Thanks for dropping by. I really dont know whats the position of rains in Pakistan :(
It is really bad here though.

aquamarine said...

thx for dropping by. Do drop in more often.
Yup, i quite agree. There are more colors to life other than black n white.

Keshi said...

**Cold nights = meat and drink?

Usually it is so with Aussies. But I dun drink unless it's a party and these days I wanna cut on eating too much meat too...

For me
Cold Nights = Coffee and DVDs


The Light-House. said...

@ Aqua: Hey thanks for coming in ...
U take care.I will definetly try and come by more often.

@ Keshi: Coffee and DVD yes good combo.

lil _kath said...

... hope rains will not give ur place so much floods...you take care yaar!

... Tokyo is damn hot!! summer is makin' me crazy hehe...

... lets have some wine ^_^ lol!

... Happy Birthday Arzooon!


The Light-House. said...

@ Kathy: Wine hmm...