About: A moral victory

The bloggers have a relief and victory insight as the Department of Telecom manged to make amends by pulling up ISPs for blocking up blogs.

Earlier I hooked on to Rediff.com again to find this article. The article briefly said that the "normal" blogging services will resume in 48 hours. That is Sunday morning I hope.
It is a moral victory of sort for people who worked hard and kept on relenting pressure by blogging continuously that blogging is alive and kicking. There are hundreds of blogger entering everyday. There are many people who hope to make there livelihood on the net. Then there are some who are now habitual to it and want to share their part of the world with someone in regions of far and beyond.

The aftermath of bomb blast should be a message to our fraternity as well as to "Flag" anything that is suspicious or bring it to notice of fellow blogger and people who manage Bloggers. There is a little responsibility on our (Blogging Fraternity's) shoulders as well to keep last bastion of freedom of speech to spread peace, hope and smiles across the cyberspace and across the world as well.


lil _kath said...

....Yippeeeee ban is over yaar ^_^ ...hope everything's back to normal now!

..catch u on Orkut dear, am havin' some problem on messenger nowadays so not online there!

..enjoy weekend!


The Light-House. said...

@ Kathy: :D
Sure kathy, I would do that.Meanwhile my blogs still not accessible at Blogspot dommain

Sudeep said...

I can access blogspot frm company where they use VSNL but cant access frm home where also i use VSNL.. weird!
i liked the last sentence 'bout our responsibility

Sindhu said...

No comments!

The Light-House. said...

@ Sudeep:Thanks man, atleast someones willing to share the burden.
@ Sindhu:Looks at the watch then reads the comment and feels damn confused.