Blog: Weekday or Weekend?

I was not feeling all that great about coming to office on Sunday.I am no work-o-holic but it was just part of the job that someone in our group has to put in a Sunday once a month. I was not grumbling but just a touch sombre over the fact that I had to get up "early" (say 8:30 A.M.) on a Sunday morning. There was some more dismay when I realized that the tap had run dry. Anyways after a wait of 40 minutes I had completed all the formalities which had to be done before anyone leaves for office.

Microsoft Office and office.

As it was a Sunday I was there along with a colleague who prefers to be quiet and smiles oddly at some of my quick comments. I managed to hook on some sites, caught up with the world. Rediff my favourite site came in handy.I Google my way over some forced doubts over some details in the document section that I am assigned to. Since at one point I was the only one in the office for whom the Printer awaited commands for I made sure all the 86 pages were printed seggregated and the Databse was updated along with filing the documents wherever they were supposed to be.

Home Sweet Home.

After trugging on the ST bus I managed to "land" near Surat Station. An auto-rickshaw was "Google" and managing two Auots I was home.Father was a touch busy regarding matters in the office which is nearby, Mom made some really hot Parathas, (God I love those.) I was half in slumber and half awake and at this point I don't remeber what I saw on the telly. I knew a Formula One race would be underway. I though "Why not?"

I wanted to be Philipe.

Massa was head of the pack and maintained his lead all thoughout the race. He managed to put his foot to the last second and secure his first win. It was such fun seeing Philipe being immeresed by Alonso and Schumi. I just wish to be in his shoes and wanted to know what it feels like when ALonso and Schumi dip you in Champagne. It was a wonderful race for him as he ably defended his good work from Alonso and Schumi all the way to chequered flag.

Schumi Screwed.

I don't why the decision to calling in both the Ferraris together was ever made? Schumi followed Philipe into the pit and was to made wait percious 8 seconds and Alonso managed to get ahead of him. WHat if Schumi came in couple of laps later gaining enough time on Alonso. It would have made Ferrari one-two on the podium and would have given Alonso a few things to think about the next few races. But ...

Waking up late on Monday Morning.

On Monday morning blues in this week. Monday was about getting up late having two really large glasses of cold coffee with some delightful breakfast. I manged to read, watch some more Television and thing about a few things of past and few things for future. The evening came and I wemt out to the nearest "Mongins Bakery". I had the pleasure of having a big chocolate pastry named "Swiss Miss" and wasn't it yummy? I love that.

The American Open.

There would be many favourites and among all the list of favourites and underdogs there will be an eventual winner. I am just praying that Andre Aggassi and Martina Hingis do well. Aggassi has always been about panache and aging into twilight. Martina Hingis represents an always eager spirit of competition. I hope she can come up with some scintilatting base line tennis once trademark of the now legendary Steffi Graf.

Hrishi Da no more.

One more master passed awaay following the sad demise of Bimillah khan. Hrishikesh Mukherjee churned out some of the most soul searching and some of the cult classic Hindi comedy movies. These were family orinted movies for the entire family. The remain eternal. One of those movies was Anand. It was such a wonderfully done movie. The climax is the most touching and soul stirring once and still evokes goose bumps whenever I see that movie. I saw it for few minutes last night but it was getting late and I had to wake up early.
"Zindagi kaisi hai paheli..."


Sudeep said...

Alonso did well to keep Schumi behind him in the last 2-3 laps... though Ferrari did goof up with tht pit-stop.. but an interesting race to watch

Sunday ko bhi office.. arre re.. i once was in office on a sunday too.. :(.. lekin never after tht

i want the Swiss Miss pastry n the real Swiss Miss Hingis too :D

some of Hrishi da's movies are my all-time favs

Sindhu said...

How coolly you put across incidents and feelings.

I like the style.

vibhor said...

hi tarun,
really buddy..sunday ko office jaana..
i remember my days of marketing from where i started my carrer..oh god! bilkul mann nahi karta but usually we have appointments fixed on sudays only...
nyways...have a lovely week ahead.

~Lord Anshul said...

i hate f1 now...mclaren is no where in the the title race..

aur dost sunday ko ofc..i empathize you..been there seen that

and for US open..it has to Fed exp and i think henin will win..though i want my luv hingis to make her dream comeback

The Light-House. said...

@ Sudeep:I can get u a Swiss Miss party but not the real Swiss Miss.
Yes those are good movies.

@ Sindhu: Thanks U Sindhu. *Grins*

@ Vibhor: :D
I agree.U take care as well.

@ Anshul: Henin on Hard Court ... I dont think so. Me will treat myself to a Swiss Miss Party if the real Swiss Miss were to win the US Open

Keshi said...

mostly boys' stuff :)

btw I'd die if I had to work Sun.

Nice update Tarun.


lil _kath said...

... F1?? pheww! guys are so busy?? ^_^ can't relate about it though i do watch too sometimes when hubby is crazy watching the race ;( i find some drivers are cutee hunks lol! :P