Blog: This week in review.

No TV (Tabloid) Channel or for that matter the Print Media would have hated this week coz there for lot of material for churning out rumours, gossip, hoax and off cousre some NEWS. This was the week when I logged on to Orkut first time in Three weeks and completed the formalities of adding on some more friends and checking my G Mail account only to find a few jokes some beautiful snaps and spam. I did forward the clip which I think I must upload in the next few days. All those of have managed to have a look just see it to believe it.

An obituary to a Maestro.

This week saw the sad demise of Ustad Bismillah Khan. He was an exponent of Shehnai. The grand old man saw some horrorful days mainly due to the neglect of his kin. It is a sad story. He was reluctant to go to west but he was successful as any musician and not as flashy as some of his other exclaimed peers.
He will be most remembered for playing Shehnai on 15 August, 1947 when Indians won their Independence.

Rumors, hoax and scares.

This week saw things happening. The sea water near a revered Dargaah became sweet the stautues in temples started drinking Milk again, Mother Mary was crying a church. I said to myself wow. People thronged to see the miracle but I laughed with no intention of hurting anyones sentiment. I just wanted to reiterate that religious explanation start from the point scientific wisdom cannot think. I have a firm belief that religion do restrict man's view. It gives him the power to think beyond what contemporary.
Then there were bomb hoaxes in predominantly American flights. "There is a saying that one rotten apple ruins the whole basket". I dont know for how long will the world especially the developing and the under developed world will have to bear the brunt of "war against Terrorism". The world most powerful democracy is the biggest obstacle to world peace.
I atlast some some coverage on the havoc of floods on Surat. It was worst then what was reported by Agnecies who also report NEWS, having said that the relief work is under way courtesy the government and the innumerous volunteer groups. The cleaning operation is in full swing. There are some areas which have not been accessed but things are about to get only better.
I think I will update the second part of Floods on Surat in a few coming days.

Pakistan Cricket Team commit suicide.

It may have been the matter of National pride but Pakisatni team, missed the opportunity of beg win and restore some pride. The ball was changed and they still played, they seem to hold all the cards and would have had buried all dismay of whatever happened and gave a crushing blow on England and also Darrel Hair. What was the point of not coming back to the ground again after tea.If somebody decieves me once shame on him and if someone decieves me twice shame on me. There is no doubt that ICC is not the most fair and potent sports governing body. They can still do so as the One Days are still to start.England is not the best One Day team so it is less of a challenge.
Pakistani's have been guilty of tampering with the ball. The Pakistani bowlers from Imran and Waqar have been guilt and reprimanded at various time. Darell hair has no proff though, atleast this time TV crew did not catch it. It is a sad episode in cricketing history but Inzamam would have done better had he taken the option of coming out again bowling England out at the earliest and then guide Pakistan to a thumping victory. I am sure all new of ball tempering then would have swept under the carpet and there would have been one less cricketing controversy.

Looks whos blogging?
Invincible is back after a long break. I would like to welcome him back and hope the next break wont be as long as this one. :)


Sudeep said...

i havent logged on orkut since 2 days coz of work load :(

superstitions will kill ppl one day n then they will come shouting tht they were wrong.. well tht will be a miracle too when the dead come shouting

ball tampering is an offence n players shld be punished for it.. aur woh 'big' win hona chahiye na.. not 'beg'.. Pakistan ki pride aur mitti mein mila di tune toh :D

Sudeep said...

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alongwith tht images.orkut.com can be used for orkut

Sindhu said...

Hey, this was nice... summing up the week...

shruti said...

hi dear,
what a great reveiw you have provided.. the whole week comes in flashback...

have a great weekend ahead..

The Light-House. said...

@ Sudeep: 2 days?
I have just logged on to Orkut once in 20 days :(
Sorry for speeling mistake.I think I need to look at it again ;)
Thanks a million.
@ Sindhu: Thank U.Make sure U keep me posted about your new blog URL

@ Shruti: Thank U for coming in ...

Keshi said...

cricket-crazy Tarun hows u? :)


Neha said...

Hey Tarun...what shall I say about these superstitions??People know all this is myth but still blindly follow them...wat can u say to them or abt them?
chuck it!

lil _kath said...

... yeah missed u on orkut yaar ;( once in 20 days?? awww ;(;(... even yahoo?? lol! ur the only one who always catch me on YM ^_^ even im invisible hehe :P

.. hows u? seems ur enjoyin' cricket at least, good on ya!

..u take care!
have a great week ahead!


The Light-House. said...

@ Keshi:Me is waiting like crazy for some decent cricket action.Tennis meanwhile can fill some of the gaps but no points guessing what I am dying to see more.

@ Neha: I agree.

@ Kathy:Good to see your comments.
No access to yahoo Messenger here ...

Invincible said...

Ustad Bismillah khan was synonymous with Shehnai !

When it comes to ICC, always Aus, Eng, SA receive special treatment and the asian countries are treated like step son.

and yes, thanks for the welcome !
i will try to be (a little more regular this time).

Where r u these days? Mumbai/Surat ?
I checked with one of my friends there, n he too mentioned it was a havoc down there. And now the rains have abated so the relief work is going on in full swing.

The Light-House. said...

@ Invinci: :D
Yes although India itself contributes to ICC profits. The law still favours the law makers though.
Floods in Surat were mainly due to water released from Upstreams of tapi. I think I will try uploading a mobile clip me made...