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Time and flies.

Time flies so do flies. I am not trying to say flies are time. The point is time and flies both are irritating when they don't fly and make you look stupid and guilty and makes you wonder would the time fly if you were to read anything else on cyberspace.
The "result" of an event where there are lots of choices is the matter of choices and everyone has to live by his/her mistakes. I for example am often guilty of solving the right problems and then marking the answers wrong. Thats what I did one Novemeber morning in a classroom full of MBA aspirants. Anyways it has been all over and it had been one of my most enthralling, exuburent and self-satisfying days. The rest they may say is history. I dare not say so.
There is lot to blog about including a pending blog on Surat's floods. I think there is not aiota of what happenend as the streets as glistening and shinning clean although the traffic remains as chaotic as ever. The negative vibes which one got as soon as one entered the city from Varrachha Road are no where to be felt. The readers (especially the ladies) may not know the real significance of Varraccha Road. It is a road worth of all most 5 Billion Dollars. It is the diamond polishing and cutting center of the world. It is highly likely that every 4 out of 5 diamonds that one sees anywhere in the world might have made it's journey from a stone to a jewel, may have seen the face of Varrachha Road. It is all about a main road and hundreds of by lanes where thousands of hands work millions of hours to produce Billions.
I think I should take a little bit of pride in being an eyewitness to this. It is amazing.

Teachers Day/ Mother's Day.

The fifth day of September holds special importance in my life. It is teachers day and on this very fateful day my Mother celebrates her birthday day. After days of chaos and cleaning and whitewashing, I left office and reached the confines of home two hours later along with a small bouquest and cards for my mother. My tired parents expected me and were indeed happy for being at home. A late dinner followed by a snap ended the day.
The teachers Day is also special and remained so till the last one which I we celebrated in college. It use to fun. All of us somewhere have come against teachers which we felt amazing and some of those were emm not so amazing. There were some who commanded respect and others who came forward in camraderie. The days were so amazing and fun filled. The teacher idea remains as old as time. The role of the teacher is to diminish the feaar (mainly due to wrong notations) and induced interest by making things fun. The teachers have played such a big part in all our lives. May the heavens shower peace on them.

A lot of cricket controversies have taken place. I wish the weekend provides an opportunity to update along with two tags. I am looking forward to the "switch" to Blogger Beta. I hope thats is in place as soon as possible.


Keshi said...

We r all teachers to one another in some unique ways.

Looking forward to all ur other posts.

Have a good one Tarun!

lil _kath said...

Oops Belated Happy Birthday to ur Mom ^_^ and Happy Teacher's Day!

... hope rain is over now at Surat so everything can be back to normal na.

..u take care and have a nice weekend!


ishita said...

hey tarun...

belated happy birthday to ur mom...sorry m reallllyyy late na:(

hope things are better in surat?

tc...and have a gud wkend:)

Neha said...

Teachers had and will always have a special place in one's life..no denying to this!

Happy posting!

Rock on!!

The Light-House. said...

@ Keshi: Well said,Yes a person never ceases to learn hence he/she is always a student.

@ Kathy: Not much rains here. The city is spic and span and looking very neat indeed.

@ Ishita: No don't worry about being late. This post was late in itself.

@ Neha: I agree.

Sudeep said...

belated happy b'day to ur mom..

The role of the teacher is to diminish the feaar (mainly due to wrong notations) and induced interest by making things fun

i luved this line :)