Blog: Week in review

"Woh shaam kuch ajeeb thi ... Yeah Shaam bhi ajeeb hai ..."

"Woh kaal bhi pass pass thi toh aaj bhi kareeb hai."

Thats was one of the awesome Kishore songs that he song and this one has confirmed the eternity of the composer-lyricist and singer.These days people are busy personifying events and things including autumns and awful aches, which were absolute delight to read.

Culinary work out.
I am busy partying as my friends got a raise after they got the confirmation letter. I still await confirmation but it will definetly before I bid winter good bye and summers comes in again as hot as ever. There is a revolving restraunt in the town. I had a blast and thoroughly enjoyed myself a treat of free of fat-free diet. There was lot of things to munch on including some veggies and non-veggie dishes. Then there were sweets to latch onto, not being a gourmet, I ate just about well to insure that I am no where near levels of overeating. Then there is a lovely drive back from Surat.
I sometimes feel am I sometimes fatter then I think I am or it is ok to be 74 Kilos? Anyways I think things will fall into space and I can't see myself losing my night sleep over the fact that I am a couple of kilos over weight. Or really am I? The thought is clearly amusing and most times and then neblous at other times.

Don't google over it, it is simply fear of number thirteenth. I dont know the reason why people do have the fear. The incidence which was quoted by Langdon in the novel and also the mvie "The Da'vinci Code" in refrence of Knights Templar give creeps to me though. There are a million others, many ridculous and some bizzare. What will be your take?

Mine would be "Where is the Sensex?"
I checked it on Yahoo! Finance and just checked out the Historical prices of the Indian bourses on thiteenth of a particular month, offcourse in teh world of numbers, prices and values, 13 does hold it is on. The Sharpest falls and jumps could be seen on thiteenth of a month. This would give a sweet sounding bells to people called as brokers for whom volatility rules.
The Sensex has zoomed nearly 200 points of 1.6%. The events before this steep rise gives me a hint that it is time to bug out, sell somethings as there has been a period of lull in which one saw things stabilizing and taking a breather. The summer saw a massive windfall and people were convinced that the dream run was over. I am sure those very people are busy chanting the mantra over how they convinced people to stay in and cash in while the bourses are ringing.

Beta is in.
The new Yahoo beta mail is in. I manged to login on Wednesday night and check out the features. It was on the lines on new Rediff. But then Yahoo! is second to none. There have been couple of more Beta's as well, the Blogger Beta is just another one I guess.

"Can't help falling in love..."
I guess it to be an Elvis song but I am not sure for it. I think I did the right thing by going in for Nokia 6070. I love it coz it has large keys and large display. I am menacingly amazed over the battery. I charged my cell last, yesterday and talkde and messaged enough but to my glee it is still showing full strength which again convinced me over the abtter life and reception of Nokia cellphones.


Sudeep said...

got lots to catch up here.. new template as well.. man u r template king :)

will be arnd here after month end.. tab tak kaam ke bozh ka maara.. mujhe chahiye hamdard ka cinkara :D

The Light-House. said...

@ Sudeep: Yes U got a lot of catching up to do along with a few tags.
Oh I love templates for sure/
Did u "Kaam" is a homonym .... LOL
Mujhe lagata hai tumhe Hamdard ka nahi sabdard ka Sinkara chhaiye ...