About: This Weekend.

There is an unkown reason I love to blog about weekends which are mostly unwinding rather than going outlike may people do. I love to blog about it besides my Cricket blogs.I wanted to blog all week but just couldn't ful fill my own wishes. Sunday gives me enough time to go through the new papers and catch up with some movie.Cricket.
After ages some Champions Trophy started with some matches in which the result of the match was more obvious then the toss. Sri Lanka won against Bangladesh yesterday, Tharanga hit a control centruy and already hailed the next Jayasuriya. But I think I will reserve my opinions coz Jayasuriya is a bit chequerd player for me. He has a tremendous record against India nad Pakistan especially in the subcontinent. His record away from sub-continent is not as good. But he has something in him thats without doubt lets keep a check on his consitency and fitness.
West Indies vs Zimbabwe perhaps was again played to finish of the formalities. 85 all out I think W.I backed themselves to atleast pull this one off.
So as expected Sri Lankans and Windies pulled off their matches with minimum fuss.This tournament will alst for over a month and we will have to wait till Diwali to Check out whats team India upto and weather the "News Channels" can help India out of a rot.

Formula One.
After convincing the media that nobody other then Schumacher will win the Championship and also accusing and crying foul over FIA running the "show" behind the curtains, ALonso pulled the carpet from under Schumi's feet to setup a wonderful win at Suzuka, Japan and perhaps won his second crown on the way. But there is still a race to go and who knows ...

New Phone.
I was looking for a new phone for couple of months the battery of my cell was about to give way. I first check out Nokia 6030 and then something made me check out Nokia 6070 on Dusshera. So I got Nokia 6070 for myself and let me tell u I am loving it. There are whole lot things I can do with as is the case with so many mobile phones these days. Since I already have an iPod and a digi Cam I was not hell bent on get something extravagant which may be of no use tommorow. I am looking for some iPod attachements though.

Festive season on the doors.

Starting Navratri there will be some festival once every 10 days. Navaratri gave way to Dusshera, Dusshera will give way to Karva Chauth... A day of fsating done my all wifeys for their hubbies. Mom use to do it for ages but now her age she is not hell bent on going without food or water for a day. One good thing television has done is spread all the festival in a big big. They say it is not a seller's market any more. Let mne tell u one thing the seller's are not complaining me any more. The shop where I got my mobile I saw two high end Nokia phones being sold before I setteled for my 6070 which costed me Rs 5800. Karva Chauth will be followed by some festival which will be followed by Diwali. The festival of the season and a festival where people to don't bat a eye link before spending. The markets in Surat are all buzzing and all the brands including the seconds outlet are seeing huge volumes of customers, purchase and money flowing in the cash registers.

Surat , Then and Now.
The floods really dampened the spirit but Navratri took all the way but there is still a negative vibe when u go around the city but things not only crept back they have been restored and Surat is looking cleaner then ever. People are now ack to splurging on clothes and foods and other things roaming arond the city. Lets see a good Diwali this season.

My Diwali plans.
As a kid me and my brother use to buy crackers which should atleast last for couple of Diwalis, the rage for buying fcrackers has toned down a great deal. Me looking forward to buy a feew gifts for my folks and family and treat some friends to some treat. I am longing to reach Mumbai tune in into radio, travel in trains again. Then visit the never changing and ever crowded blanes of Bandra. I will try to visit my school this time although it may be closed. I need to catch up with lots of friends before they issue a red corner notice for me.


Keshi said...

ur weekend ends up being real good always...which is great Tarun.'

Nokia 6070...wow thats newer than my BF. I better get a new man then ;-)


Dewaker Basnet said...

hey mate:),
u spend ur weekends quite lavishly eh ;) am a little j:) hope u have a great festive season ahead

Sakshi said...

Never was much into the crackers scene..
But I miss the Diwali mahol.

The Light-House. said...

@ Keshi: I prefer keep things simple.
Yes new mobile.... whats the budget.

@ Dewaker:Lavish no way ... had to have anew mobile, luck and battery of the older one was running out though.

@ Sakshi: :D Oh good crackers .... I use topile them up in kilos if not tonnes.