Blog: A fresh guard.

A lot has happened since I blogged last. God forbids but it seems like it has been forever since I last blogged. Aussies have got into winning ways. India seems to adapt well to the fact that they are poor travelers especially if it means going to face quality hostile bowling. Could anyone believe that Sachin Tendulkar would ever struggle for runs. But life is little more than a struggle be it a Warren Buffet goofing up some where or Amitabh Bachchan struggling for a hit in late nineties. They say nobody dies a virgin; life screws everyone. If u can't bear it then enjoy it. There are various version depending upon your geographic locality but crux is independent of latitudes and longitudes. It has about courage nothing else. the courage not to face the realm of beyond there horizon of thoughts but courage of control of oneself. He who mastered himself serves one and all.

I have seen, heard, known and gone through this many a times. The sun rises after the hour which is the darkest and perhaps the coldest. The last fortnight saw Indian Courts passing on judgment on three cases. The cases included Shibhu Soren, Navjot Singh Sidhu, Sanjay Dutt. Shibhu Soren is an activist, his activities are based on other side of law. He has been doing lot of looting and tings worst then that he also manged to get "elected" and also gained a Cabinet berth, beat that. Aristotle had said "the petty thievies are hanged the great once are elected for a public office." The institution of democracy is by the people of the people and for the people. I guess it is a journey not a destination. They say their is devil in the detail so lets not get there.

I was struggling to update a blog even though there was a lot to blog about. There was Ganguly was exclaimed a War hero for a 83 mean while Pathan just posted a 115*, Ganguly was out without scoring but hedge funds are claiming him to be in form meanwhile Greg Chappel are best friends. There is cricket and there are men who will talk it. The other day there was a discussion while going to car, someone exclaimed that if Ganguly goes consistent for six months he will be back as captain. I cited a little flaw, I said if he remains consistent, I was not writing off, I will be the last person who will write people off, Ganguly has been a very good One Day player, a brilliant finisher, his century assure India of a victory. He struggles in Tests coz he is not good enough to undergo a test of five day, where you may have to field for the first two days and then bet against your life and bat for three days or vice versa.

The whole point about Ganguly record can be pitted against Dravid both started international cricket on the same date. Dravid is perhaps as fit as anyone in the Indian team. His test record is know out of a large shadow called Tendulkar. I think this is turning out to be a cricket post again, more on Tendulkar later.

SNAP shot.

SNAP stands for Symbiosis Nation APtitude Test. This time my center is Surat this time, I have screwed up a little with the form so lets see. A few things needs to be brushed and some need things need to be dug up again, washed, cleaned and relinquished. The thoughts of CAT bitter or sweet can no longer be counted as an achievement of disaster of life, there is more in life. Anyways SNAP is tougher than CAT in the sense it has more questions and weird marking schemes. There is GK in that my natural forte. Then in SNAP there is more emphasis on logic and reasoning and things like those. Let see I would have said once but need to grind myself into it. Harder, further stronger.

Surat on a Sunday.

The city city of Surat is in bang in the middle of two big business centers Ahemdabad to the North and Mumbai to the South. Surat to is a big business center in itself. It is the Diamond Polishing center of not only India but perhaps of the world too. The Varachha Road is big and traffic logged. It is a big on Textile too, predominantly sarees. The people are friendly and will to welcome one and all. I dont think you will out of place in this city, at least I have not for past two and half years or so.

Sunday in Surat is all about taking the vehicle you own, and get to Dumas Beach, where there is nothing, I think a theme part will do great here lets see. The whole city is on bike and cars and if you are just two on a two vehicle u are likely to be hauled up by the Traffic Havaldar. Big Bazaar just opened a few days back. If u go there on Sundays you will feel like a Kumbh Mela but seeing the volume of the people there, it is not a mistake. That whole road is now a Retail road with three multiplexes, a Garden, Premier shops and some more Malls under construction. This road I am talking about is "Gaurav Paath". It is an 8 lane road and which stretches for nearly 6 to 8 kms a drive there is absolute pleasure provide it is not a Sunday.

I got some books for myself, Angels and Demons,. I have read it but only on a soft copy, Then a book by Naom Chomsky. Madhushalla is what Mom bought it is an absolute delight. It is a must read for everyone. I wonder if Abhishekh Bachchan has read what his Grand father wrote? I think he may have. :)

Sitaron ke aage jhaan aur bhi hain;
Abhi ishq ke imtehaan aur bhi hain.

There are worlds beyond the faintest seen stars;
Love is yet to be completely tested.

I think it sums it up why I haven't been able to blog.


Sakshi said...

AB has recited Madhushala too..THe best possible combination HB's words in AB's voice..

Keshi said...

**A lot has happened since I blogged last. God forbids but it seems like it has been forever since I last blogged. Aussies have got into winning ways.

And I was thinking alot has happened in ur life...LOL and it was only abt Cricket!


The Light-House. said...

@ Sakshi: yes .. AB has amazing quality of voice along with fluency in both traditional Hindi and modern English.

@ Keshi: No really many things seem to be happening simultaneously.

Neha said...

All the best for SNAP!I believe it is on this Sunday?Some people and Cricket!!!Hah..........but I love cricket too...just that work now does not permit me much with free time for cricket :(

The Light-House. said...

@ Neha: Thank U so much....
Can u ever leave things u love the most?

By the way much of the cricket following is online these days.

*lil_kath* said...

hey all the best for Snap... and yeah, always enjoy cricket ^_^ as u do hehe!
... sorry but i just dun understand that sport awww.... i mean here in Japan i can only watch Baseball and Soccer on tv but no Cricket!! so i dun have any idea about it... can u give me some tidbits next time? lol! ^_^

enjoy weekend dear!


The Light-House. said...

@ Kathy:I know not much cricket in Japn .. mostly played in former English colonies.
tid bits ... y not?

Anonymous said...

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