Cricket: Wondering about the Wanderer's

It is not over until the last wicket is taken, last run score and last ball bowled.

It looks in India favourites to win and they may win it. There is more to come in this test match. If the weather doesn't intervene we may see an Indian victory.

Humble pie served again to people who thought Indian cricket was dead. I would love to see the news papers tomorrow. Dravid couple of days said it all. He proclaimed don't write us off.

Ashes have been decided it is the Aussies this time. Gilchrist just blasted a centulr in 57 balls, record is off 56.

Today has been a day which tells us that what a great saga the game of cricket is really.
Hopefully the saga will continues and the charm will remain forever.

Birthday greeting to Sudeep. Belated happy Birthday pal.


Lavanya said...

India did an awesome job y'day...good comeback for ganguly and the kerala dude rocked!what say?

Keshi said...

Aussie Aussie Aussie oi oi oi :)

Tarun how was ur weekend? U know mine was crap. And ty so much for ur friendship HUGGGGGGGZ!


The Light-House. said...

@ Lavanya: Sreesanth absolutely awesome. His six of Nel... LOL
Go India Go ....

@ Keshi: :)
Yeah Aussies simple superb. Ricky Ponting Man of the match, Gilchrist man of the match for me.

Joy Keshi, enjoy life.

Keshi said...

Im glad u still call Aussies great. Some ppl hate em. I think as a Cricket team they r really great.

ty Tarun!

The Light-House. said...

@ Keshi: They are menacingly greatly. Warne and Mcgrath along with extended form of Ponting and Dangerous Gilchrist and a settled partnership.

I see a slight weakness though, no fifth bowler, but the first four often manage to get twenty wickets in test so nothing to bother here.

Keshi said...

** They are menacingly greatly.

LOL that they r!