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We all have heard that Adam and Eve lived in heaven and use to hang out in Gardens of Knowledge. My take is, would Eve had asked for the apple in the garden of Knowledge if our Holy Father that denied eating apples and branded it forbidden? Then, what would the serpent might have told to Adam? Eat me?

The issue is drug abuse, alcohol abuse and things of similar nature are more prevalent coz they are barred. There is an obvious "high" which gives back a big "kick" when one does whats he not supposed to do. Alcohol is a prime example. Thats why I think freedom without restrictions brings huge amount of responsibilities. I found it out living in hostel managing on my money, often miss manged but never spiraling downwards into oblivion. One may take a few liberties for granted and may be carried a bit too much but then if one contemplates and introspects then one corrects himself and sanity prevails over most things.

Gandhi lying in the dust ...

Alcohol selling is illegal in the state of Gujarat, fingers could be pointed out anywhere and reason could be bought upon, some of which may make a dead dog laugh. There are some who say this is the birth place of Mahatma and things like those, I mean by same analogy alcohol should be banned in India after all it is his country of birth. Don't take me wrong. The obvious and tacit reason for alcohol sales being illegal is there are a few people who make lots of money coz of illegal selling of Alcohol.

Some facts.

People here have been drinking since the day Adam was presented Eve with the apple from the Garden of Knowledge. There is a huge market and people do indulge in drinking not only the high society but all it is done across generations, genders, economic background. They bring it from every where. I think there are breweries here too. There are gang lords (read Politicians, administrators and police also the underworld) who don't want to let go of the hen which lays a golden egg. Corruption. There are more number of people who want to have their quota of pegs but don't want selling Alcohol to become illegal. There are ways to get permits, say u get a prescription where a medical practitioners prescribes you for Alcohol. It is weird the greed for bootlegging Alcohol is the reason why its selling is not permissible rather than principles of great soul.

There should definitely a check on proceedings but then should you stop people buying cars because there are more road accidents? My driving license reads"Driving is a privilege" I think the same is the case with Alcohol, one cannot leave associated responsibilities (social and personal) at bay while consuming alcohol. Drinking and driving is wrong and definitely something more than a crime.The argument could put forward to not legalizing Alcohol was it will give people easy access but then whats the per capita consumption in a place where per capita access to alcohol is most?

So if some one has an urge to drink he can get alcohol behind a local police station or some dark alley but selling it for real against a receipt is a No No.

I hope people get the point that I am not promoting any kind of alcohol neither I am saying Alcohol is good. I hold that opinion that bad things will stop happening and government will get some taxes which may help bringing on a few better things. I wish to know what Alcoholics Anonymous has to say about it? The point is drinking alcohol is bad but then allowing boot legging of Alcohol is a bigger crime.

If Johny Walker can "Keep Walking" after couple of drink then why not?

Bottom line:

Alcohol is bad but bootlegging isn't stopping the effects of alcohol on society, so why not legalize distribution in order to diagnose the alcohol abuse better.Could there be light ever?


Sakshi said...

I think blanket statement like "alcohol is bad" is wrong. Alcohol in moderation (red wine) has beneficial effects (scientifically shown). So Alcoholism is bad, alcohol ain't.
Making alhol sell illegal won't work. Prohibition never has worked. As you pointed out, human civilisation has been drinking since ages, it is not likely to stop now. My concern is the sale to underage people - it si easy to buy alocohol in India - even as a kid .. That along with the fact that drinking is considered "bad" is like waving a red flag in front of a bull.. encourages binge drinking. Drinking with adult supervision leads to learning to drink in moderation and knowing your limits.
Its high time Indians got off that its not in my culture BS..

Keshi said...

Alcohol isnt bad. PPL ARE.


Tarun said...

@ Saskshi: Well talk about effects on Alcohol and society, some Freakonomics many be interested. I am talking of masses here not classes.
I can't see "cultured" drinking here, when the only funda is drink so much that u pass out.
In India social conditions "cultured drinking" is out of the window.

Under age drinking me too wish to see some more "control" there.

@ Keshi: "Alochol did not solve any problems, so did milk." LOL anyways excessive of anything likely to create troubles.

vibhor said...

bhai tujhe chahiye to mujhe bolna.. 250 for dsp.. 600 for signature, pura khamba! [:p]

Tarun said...

@ Vibhor: Cash on Delivery?