About: New Year's Tag

My "tag partner", Sakshi *waves* tagged me. I agree with her that when u are blog blocked u must post a tag.

1. Yourself: someone with clear likes and dislikes, there are a few things which I like then there are some which I don't. My instincts never go wrong and often they spook me at times.

2. Your boyfriend/spouse: Both not applicable. :)) But I confess of been blessed with truly amazing friends till date.

3. Your hair: oiled, straight, (no funky hair styles for me, I would look like a dud.) I think I need a haircut.

4. Your mother: patient, clam, determined , Correct.

5. Your father: is whom I look upto always.

6. Your favorite item: My wrist watch.

7. Your dream last night: will Tendulkar hit a century today?

8. Your favorite drink: Coca Cola.

9. Your dream car:Mercedes.

10. The room you are in: My office space..

11. Your ex: Not Applicable. :))

12. Your fear: fearing fear.

13. What do you want to be in 10 years? Keep on challenging myself.

14. Who you hung out with last night(Saturday) ? I was not hanging out I was lying on my bed reading "Angels and Demons".

15. What you're not? just another guy.

16. Muffins: sure, that would be two for me.

17. One of your wish list items: New earphones for my iPod, iPhone may be ... and a titan wrist watch and is this one item at a time?

18. Time: heals every wound. :)

19. The last thing you did: tied my shoe lace.

20. What are you wearing? Company uniform.

21. Your favorite weather: Let it rain.

22. Your favorite book: Madhushalla.

23. The last thing you ate: Wait let me get back after lunch ...

24. Your life: is meandering.

25. Your mood: jovial.

26. Your best friend: all my friends are equally dear.

27. What are you thinking about right now? How long will I be sitting like a zombie?

28. Your car: again, None.

29. What are you doing at the moment? waiting for lunch being served.

30. Your summer: 36 degree Celcius. *Hums the tune Summber of '69*

31. Your relationship status: *Dials a number, hey What do I write? ... come on be quick, wil you?*

32. What is on your TV? Time Piece.

33. What is the weather like? Pleasant Sunshine, cool breeze.

34. When is the last time you laughed? Stops laughing ...

Do people willing take tags up? If u are blog blocked then you should come forward and take this one up.


Sakshi said...

Thanks Tarun...
Btw- Is you mood black??

Keshi said...

Interesting facts abt ya Tarun...got to know more abt u :) Nice!

LOL @stops laughing!

so u dun have a GF?


Dalila said...

Hi Tarun, it's tagging time. I've been tagged to write about 5 things you don't know about myself. I already did it and now I'm tagging you to do so, if you haven't yet. Then, you must tag other bloggers. Regards from Buenos Aires.

Basanti said...

Hmm.. Have seen this tag on couple of blogs.. Will take it up soon!

You from Surat?? I live just 229 Kms away from that place! :)

Interesting to see a fellow Gujarati blog!

Tarun. said...

@ Sakshi: It was a posting error.

@ Keshi: Thanks; U about a GF = Yes.

@ Dalia: Hey, will do that tage along with the next post.

@ Basanti: Mimicks Dharmaji and say "Basantiji ... " anyways.Yes me in Surat, but not exactly a Gujarati ... :) anyways thats not an issue I hope.

Keshi said...

so u do have a GF hehe.


Tarun. said...

@ Keshi: Yes

Arz000n said...

What are you wearing? Company uniform.
Well...am curious to know which company is this :)

Nice tag...

Tarun. said...

@ Arz000n: Local Brand stuff ... India is hot on retail man.