Cricket: Big Guns = Big runs ?

The scorecard reads 254 for 3 and the batting line up says Tendulkar and Laxman playing (just taking root) and Sehwag and Ganguly to follow. The tone was really set in after a really big partnership of 153 paved the sidelane to a big highway where things can be pushed on and big score can be achieved sometimes before team say couple of over or just grind into SAfs and declare an hour or so before close of play. The SAfs may be bowling but India ought to call the shots.

First Day.

New Opening partnership.

The hallmark of great teams have been great openers. India has never had one since Sunny Gavaskar has called it a day, hence the prime most reason of why we struggle abroad. The openers took everything on the chin and made sure there was a slow but a sure start to a new year. They pilled on the runs brick by brick with Karthick playing some good drives past the bowler. Jaffer timing was immaculate one can say his style is cross of an Azhar and Dravid, to great he would love to emulate. He played some crisp shot. He was at easy with the pitch offering spin on the first day but no bounce and pace.

No run barrage.

One would have though theat there would be lots of runs to be gathered but Pollock made some inroads into the Indian batting and the score looks 254 with four more batsmen to get through with but these four haven't been in best of touch. Sehwag has to get into double figures, Ganguly has still to score more than 50/ Laxman needs to just stick around and Tendulkar has to come to the party. It is strange though, Tendulkar has to score atleast a century and make sure Indian bowlers have enough time and runs to bowl SAfs out. It is going to be a long test if Tendulkar fails. I hope my prayers for Tendulkar are answered. Let me also right this his drive on Ntini at the close of play was as good as any you would see.

Whats next?

India to play and play and pile on the agony by scoring big and making sure the turning pitch crumble sooner rather than later. Dravid I think has a making of a better captain then Ganguly coz he take tough decisions at tough times. I hope the players whose necks were on the line repay the debt by scoring and bringing home a good victory.


nagu said...

batting looks much easier on this track.this match is heading for a draw unless kumble does something special.
hope we see sachin bowling in legspinners on this track

Keshi said...

:) ok then.


The Light-House. said...

@ Nagu: Man for now if there is no shake up it looks like there is a result either way.

@ Keshi: Hmmm . See u

Anonymous said...

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