Cricket: Can they do it?

Does the Indian cricket team (a.k.a. Men in Blue) do have enough metal, meat and mettle to do what it takes to win a series abroad? Can we win it? Who are the two guys who are going to say that we are going to stick around and rotate the strike and keep it ticking who are the three guys who will say I will blast Steyn, Ntini and Pollock out of the attack.?

India is one team that can make one sided affairs exciting. They have pulled some amazing defeats from no where and in between sprung up some great victories too. It is time to bury the past, weather the storm at the Cape and bring the ship home with pride of winning a series abroad give us a moment to cheer. I have my fingers crossed and dearly hoping to dear Lord that team wins. :))

South Africa second innings.

They were no push overs, are they? The Captain lead the front from the front. A gritty and a power packed innings. Everything looked fair and square and the "Kumble" effect was neglect as he kept coming down the pitch. He was looking for some more and flicked Kumble towards mid-on. He could not keep it down and Sehwag held onto the catch. He was out for 94.

The rest of batters fought it out and blunted the attack. The wickets came so did the partnership. Amla wet for into over drive only edging one to the keeper. Kallis threw it away. Prince was seduced by his ambition forcing Kumble of the back foot. Pollock too fought it out and tickled one to Karthick. The SAfs did well do exceed a lead of just 42. It is a precious little lead never the less. Kumble got thru the tail.

Indian game plan.

Sehwag to open. Lets give him the license saying man just blast them off while Jaffer has to just look to rotate the strike. he just has to make sure the strike is rotated the moment he feels things are slip out of hand. Sehwag mean while has to pull this off. It is the first hour that will set the tone for the lIndian innings. A good inning from Sehwag means It will be big run chase for SAfs. Pollock needs o do what he does best.Control.

Dravid who has been a mixed bag or poor show needs to play a captains knock and rather then eat up overs just rotate the strike drop the ball and run. A sold innings from the Captain will give a lot of hope and heart.

Many mortals; One master.

There are people and then there are their Gods. There are mortals and then there are heroes. There are batsmen and there is a Sachin Tendulkar. I always imagined Sachin playing a Steve Waugh innings, just batting the opposition out of the game. A fifty wont do Sachin we need century number 36 today go for it like you never ever did before. If there is someone who can win it; it is you. A good inning will just bury your critics forever. Do it for yourself.The target is set for you, go nail it.

The class is permanent; form is temporary.

India cannot win this match if Sachin fails. The following batsmen will be under immense pressure. The taste of victory is the sweetes and if the victory is after fighthing it out then one who has a sweet tooth and an ardent cricket fan can only know the taste. There has been a lot of bad media, no one ever thought we would garner hopes of an Indian win. We can now, give it to us Sachin bat like you have not did it ages.

Good score?

A good score is one which the bowlers can defend. But in this case there are in all 160 to 180 overs to go. Two whole innings. I hope rain doesn't dampen the spirits neither do the umpires. I pray that Indian team last for atelast 75 overs. They will hopefully wil get atleast 250. A lead will make the scoreboard approach 300. This will definetly make it interesting. The Indian have a big batting line up. I hope it comes good today and then set it up for the bowlers.

The Indian have the keys to the drivers seat can they drive home the series home?


Nagu said...

it will upto to kumble to turn things in indias favour or else smith will run away wih series.......pathetic batting eprformance again left the bowlers do the hard work

The Light-House. said...

@ Nagu: Looks like Indians figthing a losing battle.

Keshi said...

ahoyyy cricket frenzy men :)


Łóòň Ġãĺ said...

I'm so bored of cricket ...... already!

Keshi said...

Write something abt ur life Tarun :)


Tarun said...

@ Keshi: :) Man I am sturggling to meet the two (wanting to post and resources to post) ends meet. :(

@ Loony: Heya ... Howdy?

Bored of cricket -> Me? = No way.

Keshi said...

wut sorta resources d u mean?


Tarun said...

@ Keshi: Time and a terminal.

Anyways I know resources are always meagre but then what should one do when means are beyond ones control ...

I have been roaming the blogosphere like a ghost and only a post will fetch me peace. May be something coming "soon" :)