Blog: Sexy eyes

Ooh Ooh aahaa sexy eyes ... :))

It is all in eyes right? Well eyes are our windows to the world. Love at first sight? Well when cupid would struck me, I guess I was busy sleeping. I am in love with my sleep, everyone is, at least I am. Don't go off to sleep this is nothing to do with sleep it is about eyes.

I for eyes.

If I ever wanted anything in my lady it had to be eyes. Lovely eyes, there is a standard pj on this ,just in this public interest ....

Dil karta hai teri jheel se neeli aankhon mein kud jaaun ...

Dil karta hai teri jheel se neeli aankhon mein kud jaaun ...

Chaapaak ...

You need to be a good one for cracking those, if u don't then don't blame anyone; anywhere...

There is a definite allure of eyes that strikes a chord, in my case beats the drum. The Valentines Day just went by, It came and it went, people can say a hell lot of things both pros and cons but I just think If anyone can lease out sometime, just over a cup of coffee, my case a Swiss Miss then too it means a lot.

Eyes and playlists.

Well the topic remains eyes/sight, the following are random songs lyrics of which are centered around eyes they are not in a particular order, I think at this point on time I don't even have a list, I may chalk out a few and edit some off them in the due course of time.

Jaadu teri nazaar ( kkkkk Darrrr, Udit)

Aankhen bhi hoti hain (Haasil, Abhijit)

Teri aankhon ke siva duniya ( Find out the movie, Rafi)

Naina lad jiye hain ..toh manva khaatak (Ganga Jamuna, Rafi)

Jaahaan teeri yeh nazaar hai (Kalia, Kishore)

edit will be placed soon : )

Sexy is the weather.

Well for last fortnight the place where I dwell looked likt this around the dawn times of the day,Gd has blessed Surat with really awesome weather, I have stayed in place where the summers were way too hot, night temperatures of 44, anyways I don't wish to think of days those days, this use to happen every day last fortnight or so and it was awesome. I enjoyed some great mornings.

So the story goes on ...

I have missed my blogs so much. I just don't wish to update from office, people snooping by .... I dont know whats it is like to work in a cubicle but I dont work out from a cubicle. I hate people asking me questions, why what and ... list iis long, but I manage to keep a Rediff window on, I love the articles of Rediff sometimes cricket updates and sometime stock market along with nice articles as well, Rediff is a great web site.

I read this on the news articles and I chuckled. The second time I am reading it now I cant help rolling off of laughter. I mean read this one, isn't it obvious, so next time u switch over the ACs just think a little. :)

Do these guys had to carry out a study for this, isn't it obvious, man your AC take off heat of your room and throws it out ever second and if a million ACs in a city do it for thousands of hours won't the temperatures rise? Energy cannot be created nor ...

Thermos Dynamos ...

I loved thermodynamics, never mind the fact that I did not manged to score well in Thermodynamics, but I love the subject and its awesome universal appeal. Thermo, Economics and geometry, any given day any given times, and any amounts. There is a regret tho, one part of subject, Heat transfer is something I think loathe and never got hang of it. If u do sned me some "Notes".

I had figured out Geometry early in life. The lines, planes, triangles. The median to the hypotenuse is half the hypotenuse. I enjoy it till date, not so much algebra and things like those.

Thermo remains a magnetic attraction and economy well ... not had much of it, but then, you can't ever ignore it, can you?

Jai Shiv Shambhu.

It is Maha Shiv ratri, a pious day, something spooky of it, they say it rains every Maha Shivratri, I hope it does, I love the rains and the fresh smell of the earth.
Cricket post coming up soon, I missed them and U know what I have reasons to believe people actually read them. :))

A tag.

I was tagged by Nancy for the five things you don't know about me.

I am right hander.

I want to be punctual for everything I do. (If I do it )

I love eggs.

I love comedy.

I am a realist and practical.

Mood: Jovial.

Soundtrack: Aankhen bhi hoti hain ...


Keshi said...

u know I have a thing for Eyes too...a guy's eyes is the first thing I notice.

Sexy eyes ha ;-)


Tarun. said...

@ Keshi: It has to be "the" eyes : )

Arz000n said...

Yeh teri aankhe jhuki jhuki
yeh tera chehra khila khila
jab tere chehere par haath ghumaya
toh aadha kilo fair n lovely mila :P

Yeah yeah....I love songs on aankhe...kyonki aankhe sab kuch bol deti hai guru :D

and one good thing in ma office is that people dont snoop in on me most of the times, so am usually doing stupid stuff online, when I dont have much to do ;)

Tarun. said...

@ Zoonie: Lucky You ... fair and lovely ya fair a stickly?

LOL. Cosmetics add really cool